Four Financial Lessons I Learned from Hip Hop Lyrics

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Learning about money often comes with tired jargon that’s confusing and boring. But there’s an untapped source of financial wisdom that you probably listen to regularly: hip hop lyrics. Where better to learn about money than rappers who have rags to riches stories and have built multi million dollar empires? Come hear from finance professional and founder of Bravely, Kara Perez as she answers common money questions and shares important money lessons learned from hip hop lyrics. From Jay Z to Cardi B, there’s a lot of great money lessons hidden in your favorite rap songs.

Kara Perez, CEO, Bravely

Bravely was founded in January 2017 by Kara Perez. Kara discovered her love of finances courtesy of her quarter-life crisis. Broke, under-employed, and saddled with student loan debt, she realized that her lack of financial education was crippling her adulthood.

Kara paid off $25,302 in loans on a salary of less than $30,000, the final $18,000 in just ten months. After becoming debt free in June 2015, Kara created Bravely to help other women take control of their financial lives.

In 2013, Kara earned $16,183.51

In 2014, Kara earned $18,423

In 2015, Kara earned $32,249.63

(All of these numbers are before tax.)

Kara’s writing has been featured on LearnVest, Elite Daily, Rockstar Finance, The Financial Diet, and other publications. Read more about how the side hustle changed Kara’s life here.

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