We are thankful for 2022 $10,000 Fund Donors

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Suppliers are alleviating global poverty

Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund donors are committed to supporting microentrepreneurs around the world in 2022. To date, suppliers of Whole Foods Market have donated more than $17 million to alleviate poverty in the US and 80 other countries around the globe. Each $10,000 Fund brand committed to donating a portion of sales in select Whole Foods Market stores. These contributions will fund microloans for entrepreneurs- mostly women- living in poverty in communities where Whole Foods Market sources products. On average, these loans are less than $200 and enable microentrepreneurs to start or develop their own small businesses to support their families.
2022 $10,000 Fund Members


Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects are its mission in action, funded by the sale of its products. Their work includes maternal health care, education, reforestation, and regenerative agriculture. The organization is proudly the second-largest employer outside of the Togolese government. Alaffia’s fair trade model ensures that co-op members are provided health insurance, paid time off and a living wage that is four times that of the average income in Togo. Through their support of Whole Planet Foundation, they also fund microcredit for those in need of economic opportunity.

“We support Whole Planet Foundation because we know small efforts can make a big change to alleviate global poverty,” says the Alaffia Team.


Cedar’s has been a proud supporter of Whole Planet Foundation since 2013, helping to fund economic opportunities for microentrepreneurs to change their own lives.
“It is with great pride and honor that we annually support Whole Planet Foundation to alleviate poverty by empowering the world’s poorest people with microcredit. The Cedar’s family strives to make positive impacts on the welfare of the planet and actively invests in the community that helped it grow to a national brand. We thoroughly value our work with Whole Planet Foundation and thank them for allowing us to provide life-changing opportunities for others, just as they were provided to the founders of our company by our community,” says Aimee Tsakirellis, Vice President of Marketing.

Endangered Species

Endangered Species is a new $10,000 Fund donor this year contributing a portion of sales to support microlending programs through Whole Planet Foundation. We welcome them to our supplier donor community. For years, brands sold in Whole Foods Market have supported our work to alleviate poverty through microcredit. As a member of the $10,000 Fund, Endangered Species will help direct funds to microfinance institutions around the globe that partner with Whole Planet Foundation to reach those that are most marginalized with a chance to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.


Evolve returns this year as a $10,000 Fund donor committed to funding more than 50 additional microloans this year to help create new opportunities for microentrepreneurs and their families to prosper. Evolve believes in progress. Every day they are taking steps in service of our planet. Through their support of Whole Planet Foundation, they help microentrepreneurs make progress towards establishing or developing small businesses in support of their families and communities.


GoodPop is not only a repeat Whole Planet Foundation supplier donor but an engaged supporter of our mission. The GoodPop team is always ready to help enhance our fundraising efforts with their presence, donations, and delicious treats.

“The “Good” in our name, GoodPop, isn’t just about the ingredients we use or the way our pops taste, it’s an integral part of our dedication to using our frozen treats as a vehicle to do social Good. We are grateful to partner with Whole Planet Foundation to give back and do good year-round,” says Daniel Goetz, GoodPop CEO. “Celebrate the holiday season with a GoodPop “Poptail” and support microentrepreneurs with opportunity.”

La Colombe

La Colombe Coffee is committed to building, strengthening, and healing communities where they live and work. As a new $10,000 Fund donor this year, La Colombe Coffee will fund microcredit through Whole Planet Foundation to empower microentrepreneurs with economic opportunity. With the profits from their small businesses, microcredit clients can lift their families out of poverty and help strengthen their communities.
“La Colombe is proud to support Whole Planet Foundation’s effort to alleviate global poverty through microloans, helping create change and express our commitment to Fairness, Community, and our Planet,” says the La Colombe Brand Team.


We welcome Lily’s as a new member of the Poverty is Unnecessary $25,000 Fund and the $10,000 Fund. Their commitment this year will help fund more than 190 microloans to alleviate global poverty in the communities where Whole Foods Market sources products. Lily’s support goes beyond monetary contribution as they donate products to enhance our fundraising activities and sponsor special events, such as our Party With A Purpose Annual Benefit and Auction and Holiday Bazaar for Whole Foods Market Team Members.

Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie is a repeat $10,000 Fund donor, giving a portion of their product sales in select Whole Foods Market stores to fund microloans. Since Whole Foods Market covers 100% of Whole Planet Foundation’s operating expenses, their entire commitment goes directly to the mission to alleviate global poverty through microcredit.

“Mad Hippie was founded on the belief that we are stewards of this planet and must treat our home & fellow beings with love and respect. We are honored to support Whole Planet Foundation as they truly make these values come to life on a daily basis”, Sam and Dana Stewart, Mad Hippie Co-Founders.


This year, we welcome OLIPOP to Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund to alleviate global poverty. OLIPOP is a new donor that has helped support and enhance Whole Planet Foundation’s 2022 Benefit and Showcase in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Party With A Purpose Annual Benefit and Auction in Austin, Texas. We are excited to work with them this year to further our collective mission and look forward to working with them in 2023.

“For over a decade, Ben and David have shared a vision of a healthier, tastier future. They knew consumers love soda, but want a healthier version, so they created OLIPOP: a thoughtfully crafted tonic that found its taste in wholesome, hardworking ingredients instead of spoonfuls of sugar. OLIPOP believes in wellness for all, and proudly supports Whole Planet Foundation’s work supporting communities in need”, says the OLIPOP Team.

Raincoast Crisps

Lesley Stowe is a Parisian-trained chef, who began her own catering company more than 25 years ago in Vancouver. Frustrated by the lack of specialty foods in the city, she opened lesley stowe fine foods, offering consumers a wide range of world-class cheeses, breads, homemade entrées, desserts, and hard-to-find grocery items. Lesley’s true passion for making and sharing delicious food is the inspiration behind the original lesley stowe raincoast crisps®. This year, a portion of raincoast crisp sales were donated to support microlending programs through Whole Planet Foundation.


In 2021, Ripple Foods was a proud sponsor of Whole Planet Foundation’s International Women’s Day activation. This year, they join Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund to alleviate global poverty. Since Whole Planet Foundation’s current average first microloan across projects is $182, their contribution this year will fund more than 50 microloans.

Ripple Foods’ Director of Sales-Natural Channel, Shawn Bradley joined Whole Planet Foundation to meet microcredit clients in Miami, Florida in August 2019. “I was honored to have the chance to meet some of the Whole Planet Foundation-funded microloan recipients, most of whom were women, and hear their uplifting stories and the positive impact small microloans have had in their lives, their families, the people they employ and the community. The loans have given them a sense of pride, self-worth, and the dream of becoming an entrepreneur,” says Bradley.


Female-founded Smartsweets is proud to support microentrepreneurs, primarily women, through Whole Planet Foundation microlending programs. 88% of clients supported through these programs are women entrepreneurs. As a $10,000 Fund donor this year, they will join other brands in creating income-generating opportunities for women who do not have access to traditional financing.


Steaz has been a longtime donor to Whole Planet Foundation. This year, Steaz joined Whole Planet Foundation’s $25,000 Fund level to alleviate global poverty in the places where Whole Foods Market sources products. Additionally, they increased their support by joining the $10,000 Fund level, donating a portion of sales in select Whole Foods Market stores to fund microloans.
” At Steaz we believe every sip makes a difference, not just by crafting our teas with health at the forefront but also setting out to make a bigger impact in people’s lives & our global community. We are proud to partner with Whole Planet Foundation as part of this mission, and it has been rewarding to see the lives changed by this microcredit program in some of the world’s poorest areas”, says Ronald Greene, CEO of Nova Naturals”.


TRUFF is a repeat annual $10,000 Fund donor creating opportunity through microcredit. The TRUFF Team is always ready to support Whole Planet Foundation’s special events through sponsorships and product donations. Their generosity helps to fund additional microloans for entrepreneurs living in poverty. With these loans, microentrepreneurs can start or develop a home-based business creating an opportunity for their families to lift themselves out of poverty.

“Whole Planet Foundation empowers individuals with the resources necessary to not only pursue their entrepreneurial goals, but also the ability to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. We are grateful for the foundation’s efforts to create equal opportunity for all walks of life,” says Reno Yanes, Executive Vice President, of TRUFF


WTRMLN WTR joins Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund this year to alleviate global poverty in the Dominican Republic where they source products, as well as in 80 other countries around the globe. Since the current average first loan is $181, their commitment this year will fund more than 50 microloans to help entrepreneurs lift themselves and their families out of poverty. On average a microentrepreneur will support herself and 4 other people. Profits from their business provide a microentrepreneur and her family the opportunity to prosper.

“WTRMLN WTR is proud to support Whole Planet Foundation as part of our company mission to nourish consumers and communities by bringing the healthful benefits of cold-pressed watermelon juice to market in ways that SEED GOODNESS. As an example of our shared values, we aim to source the majority of our fruits and vegetables from local family farmers in the Dominican Republic through our parent company, Caribe Juice, creating economic opportunities, and using fruit that would otherwise go to waste due to over-supply,” says Caroline Kibler, CMO WTRMLN WTR / Caribe Juice.

As the end of the year draws near, Whole Planet Foundation is grateful for the wonderful support our $10,000 Fund donors provide to alleviate poverty. Collectively, they will help fund more than 3,380 microloans to help microentrepreneur families to prosper. We appreciate their generosity and engagement this year!