Whole Foods Market

Whole Planet Foundation was founded with the goal of alleviating poverty in countries where Whole Foods Market sources products. On October 25, 2005, Whole Foods Market held a company-wide 5% Community Day in stores that provided $525,000 in seed funds for Whole Planet Foundation. Since inception, Whole Foods Market has contributed more than $37 million.

Give with confidence, as Whole Foods Market covers all of the operating costs for the foundation. That’s right – 100% of every donation funds microcredit loans for the world’s poorest entrepreneurs.

Whole Foods Market Shoppers

Each year in March, Whole Foods Market stores fundraise at their cash registers and celebrate Whole Planet Foundation’s $100,000 Fund and Supplier Alliance for Microcredit. Shoppers have donated an outstanding $46.8 million since the first in-store campaign!

Team Member Giving

Whole Foods Market Team Members have contributed over $10 million to alleviate poverty around the globe. Are you a Whole Foods Market Team Member? You can donate out of your paycheck through Workday.


Video Credit: Olivia Hayden

"I’m grateful for the opportunity to have visited microloan recipients in my country Ghana and most importantly to be able to communicate my experience about it with you. Upon my visit to Ghana, I saw and tasted the reality of Whole Foods Market and Whole Planet Foundation through my own people. Fellow team members, let us use our Wynnewood store as a yardstick to measure how we can succeed in this goal to alleviate poverty. We are about 280 TMs in this store. If we all agree to donate $1 per paycheck, we will generate $280 in two weeks. That is $560 in a month, which means our Wynnewood store can improve the lives of more than two families every month. We can help more than 24 families every year. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Therefore, if all Team Members jump on board, we can achieve a lot. Always remember the $1 donations every month can go a very long way."

Kwame Danquah Whole Foods Market, Mid-Atlantic Region

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