Stories From The Field

Microfinance in the Face of Adversity

by: Olivia Hayden

Brian Doe is Whole Planet Foundation’s Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East.  During annual field visits to our microfinance partners, we often see them searching for better ways to help their clients. Unexpected household shocks can seriously jeopardize the livelihoods of the poorest entrepreneurs and their families. The microfinance sector may be in […]

Mercy Corps: Disaster Response and Preparation

by: Whole Planet Foundation

This blog comes to us from Mercy Corps, our microfinance partner in Nepal. WPF has funded $929,000 in Nepal since 2008, creating 12,038 microloans for entrepreneurs in the Sankhubashabha, Terhthum and Udaypur districts. The past few weeks have been devastating for hundreds of thousands of families. In the United States, Hurricane Harvey brought destructive winds and unprecedented flooding to […]

Thank You for Running in the Virtual 10K!

by: Olivia Hayden

Thank you to our friends who ran a Virtual 10K with us from August 3-7 this year. The combined impact of our $10,000 Fund partners, runners, Whole Foods Market® Team Members and other supporters this year added up to $140,000 raised for impoverished women all over the world to start their own businesses. That equals […]

The Seaweed Bath Co. Pays it Forward as Part of 10K Fund

by: Whole Planet Foundation

This guest blog comes to us from Allison Grossman, Co-Founder of Austin-based The Seaweed Bath Co. From July 31-August 13, 2017, 15% of all sales of The Seaweed Bath Co. products will be donated to Whole Planet Foundation’s poverty alleviation programs. Hi, it’s Allison from The Seaweed Bath Co. here to talk about all of […]

Enter to Win a Year of Cedar’s Hommus During our Virtual 10K Run

by: Olivia Hayden

What does it mean to go beyond hommus? For Cedar’s, it means telling the truth about what they do and being transparent about how they do it. It means making the food everyone loves without artificial preservatives and additives. Going beyond hommus also means supporting Whole Planet Foundation’s poverty alleviation programs all around the globe. […]

Run Hydrated! Hydration Tips for your 10K Run

by: Whole Planet Foundation

This guest blog comes to us from Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist at Nuun Hydration. This year, Nuun joined WPF’s $10,000 Fund, pledging to fund, on average, 53 average first microloans for impoverished entrepreneurs around the globe this year. Nuun Hydration is a proud sponsor of this year’s Virtual 10K Run, benefiting Whole Planet Foundation. Run with us […]

WPF & Partners Kick Off Virtual 10K Run on August 3rd

by: Olivia Hayden

Get ready to sweat for a great cause this summer, because our second annual Virtual 10K Run happens wherever you are from August 3-7! We plan to have over 500 participants running with us during the 5-day event in order to support global poverty alleviation programs, with 100% of run registration fees funding microcredit loans […]

Supplier Donors Experience Microcredit with WPF & Partners

by: Sandy Mariscal

Papyrus-Recycled Paper Greetings, founder of Whole Planet Foundation’s 100K Fund, dives into poverty alleviation! In addition to supporting Whole Planet Foundation’s mission since 2012 with an annual contribution of $100,000, they have traveled with us to international and domestic projects to witness the impact of their generosity in the field and volunteer alongside community members. David Sugerik, Papyrus-Recycled […]

Supporting Refugees with Microcredit in Phoenix

by: Joy Stoddard

Whole Planet Foundation and donors meet in Arizona to witness a holistic approach to microcredit. With more than 22 million refugees in the world today, Whole Planet Foundation is proud to partner with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) who has been supporting refugees for 40 years. A refugee is defined as someone who must cross an […]

Brownies Create Jobs; Give Back Around the World

by: Joy Stoddard

Greyston Bakery’s unique partnership with Whole Planet Foundation has served to advance both organizations’ social initiatives. In addition to supporting job creation at the Bakery, a percentage of brownie and cookie sales benefit Whole Planet Foundation. We’re proud to be supported by a conscious company who doesn’t hire people to bake brownies but bakes brownies to hire […]

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