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We like to say that poverty alleviation isn’t rocket science, but how people live in poverty is complicated, fascinating and at times counter-intuitive. As a team we like to read in a variety of subjects that directly impact people living in poverty, economic development, and poverty alleviation. Here are some resources and books we’ve found interesting, inspiring or both!

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The Root Causes of Poverty

The charts in the spreadsheet available below are compiled from several reputable sources that are noted at the end of each chart. The charts indicate that poverty elimination is more easily accomplished if three things are present in a country:

  • A free or mostly free economy
  • A democratic, honest government including judiciary
  • Relative ease of doing business

View this spreadsheet to see the relationship between economic freedom and prosperity or explore the interactive map below.

Microcredit in International Development

International Development

What Went Wrong with Traditional Development Models
Alternative Ideas on Development and Related Subjects
Classic Economics that Support Our Economic Development Model
Other Recommended Reading in Development

Environmentalism’s Impact on World Poverty

What We’re Reading on the Whole Planet Foundation Team

The following books were read and reviewed by Whole Planet Foundation Team Members. The ones we liked the best ended up in the educational sections above.

Armando Huerta

Brian Doe

Claire Kelly

Daniel Zoltani

Genie Bolduc

JP Kloninger

Joy Stoddard

Katelyn Gorski

Lauren Evans

Magatte Wade

Morgan Peretti

Philip Sansone

Stephanie Manciagli

Steve Wanta

Victor Quiroz

Zoe So