$10,000 Fund Partners Power Her Purpose

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Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund partners are committed to supporting microentrepreneurs around the world via Whole Planet Foundation’s Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K from August 7-14!

To date, suppliers of Whole Foods Market have donated over $15 million to alleviate poverty in the US and 77 other countries around the globe. Each of these brands are committed to donating $10,000 this year to fund microloans for women entrepreneurs living in poverty in communities where Whole Foods Market sources products. On average, these loans are less than $200 and enable microentrepreneurs to start or develop their own small businesses to support their families.

Join $10,000 Fund partners in this mission by completing Whole Planet Foundation’s Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K your way by August 14!  You can run, walk, bike, or move for microcredit in any way that suits you. 100% of registration fees for this online event will go to fund microlending programs through Whole Planet Foundation. Participants will enjoy various online discount codes and gifts from event partners, like the brands below.

Honoring our 2021 $10,000 Fund Members

Divina (FOODMatch)

Divina, a FOODMatch brand, has been a proud supporter of Whole Planet Foundation since 2014. By donating a portion of Divina sales in Whole Foods Market stores, they help create economic opportunity for underserved communities. This year, they celebrate crossing a milestone: $100,000 in donations to empower entrepreneurs through microcredit since they began giving to Whole Planet Foundation. Their generous contributions have funded 1,812 microloans and created 9,676 opportunities for microentrepreneur families to lift themselves out of poverty.


Evolve returns this year as a $10,000 Fund partner committed to funding an additional 57 microloans to help create 300 new opportunities formicroentrepreneurs and their families to prosper.  Evolve believes in progress. Every day they are taking steps in service of our planet. Through their support of Whole Planet Foundation, they help microentrepreneurs make progress towards establishing or developing small businesses in support of their families and communities.


For the last 10 years, Guayakí has partnered with Whole Planet Foundation to create economic opportunity for women entrepreneurs living in poverty. Their mantra COME TO LIFE is carried out in this partnership through the funding of small loans that help microentrepreneurs living in poverty bring their essential businesses to life.

“Guayakí is proud to support Whole Planet Foundation because our goals to regenerate communities are aligned,” says Joanna Crawford, Guayakí Senior Customer Success Manager.

Mad Hippie

mad hippie logoMad Hippie is a repeat $10,000 Fund donor, giving a portion of their product sales in Whole Foods Market stores to fund microloans.  Since, Whole Foods Market covers 100% of Whole Planet Foundation’s operating expenses, their entire commitment goes directly to the mission to alleviate global poverty through microcredit.

“We are proud to support Whole Planet Foundation and the many important initiatives they undertake to support equity and provide opportunities around the globe,” say Sam and Dana Stewart, Mad Hippie Co-Founders.


Nuun believes in the power of movement to change lives. As a repeat $10,000Fund donor and supporter of the Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K, Nuun carries out their mission of powering change as 100% of registrations go to fund microloans to alleviate global poverty in 78 countries around the globe and 20 US cities. Join them, as they move for microcredit from August 7-14 to reach additional microentrepreneurs with opportunity.

“The Nuun team is proud to partner with Whole Planet Foundation through the Power Your Purpose 5K. At Nuun, our mission is to empower people to move more, and even the playing field for everyone to be able to participate in clean and accessible sport. We love the alignment with Whole Planet Foundation’s mission and the great work they do to eliminate global poverty through empowering small businesses, women, and a brighter future for the poorest communities,” says Kevin Rutherford, Nuun’s CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist).

The Nuun team gathers in Sedona for some time together in the outdoors.


ORGANIC INDIA’s work in India toward their vision to “transform the way business is done, for people, for the planet and for good” aligns with Whole Planet Foundation’s mission to alleviate global poverty. ORGANIC INDIA supports small family farmers through their sourcing in India where Whole Planet Foundation also funds microcredit. To date, ORGANIC INDIA has donated $220,708 to help fund over 5,300 microloans for entrepreneurs to start or develop a small business. When funds are repaid by microcredit clients, the funds continued to be reloaned and repaid in the same community, multiplying the impact and helping more and more entrepreneurs to prosper.


TRUFF is not only an annual $10,000 Fund donor creating opportunity through microcredit, but they are also the medal sponsor for the 2021 Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K. Their generous support enhances this online event and includes sending a Power Your Purpose finisher’s medal along with a bottle of TRUFF Black Truffle Oil to the first 500 registrants.

But that’s not all! For each registration, participants are entered for a chance to win a Cuisinart Air Fryer paired with a TRUFF Variety Pack (Combined value of $210).

“Whole Planet Foundation empowers individuals with the resources necessary to not only pursue their entrepreneurial goals, but also the ability to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. We are grateful for the foundation’s efforts to create equal opportunity for all walks of life,” says Reno Yanes, Executive Vice President, TRUFF

Vital Farms

vital farms logoBased out of Austin, Texas where Whole Planet Foundation has funded $1 million in microcredit, Vital Farms is dedicated to a stakeholder group model that prioritizes the long-term benefits of all stakeholders, including the over 225 small family farms that produce the brand’s pasture-raised products, including eggs, butter, and ghee. Through their supply chain, they provide economic opportunity to their farm partners and continue this work through their support of Whole Planet Foundation. Since 2011, the company has donated over $96,000 to fund over 2,790 microloans for entrepreneurs living in poverty in the US and 77 other countries around the globe.

“Vital Farms first connected with Whole Planet Foundation 10 years ago through our relationship with Whole Foods Market. We have since built a longstanding relationship with WPF, inspired by our shared commitment to community. We have long admired WPF and are honored to support its admirable work to alleviate global poverty through microcredit by donating $10,000 this year and sponsoring the Power Your Purpose Virtual 5K,” says the Vital Farms Team.


WTRMLN WTR joins Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund this year to alleviate global poverty, especially since the Foundation has previously contributed $1 million for microcredit in the Dominican Republic where WTRMLN WTR sources products. Since the current average first loan is $174, their commitment this year will fund 57 microloans to help entrepreneurs lift themselves and their families out of poverty. On average a microentrepreneur will support herself and 4 other people. Profits from their business provide a microentrepreneur and her family the opportunity to prosper.

“WTRMLN WTR is proud to support Whole Planet Foundation as part of our company mission to nourish consumers and communities by bringing the healthful benefits of cold pressed watermelon juice to market in ways that SEED GOODNESS.  As an example of our shared values, we aim to source the majority our fruits and vegetables from local family farmers in the Dominican Republic though our parent company, Caribe Juice, creating economic opportunities, and use fruit that would otherwise go to waste due to over-supply,” says Caroline Kibler, CMO WTRMLN WTR / Caribe Juice.