Provides farming tools and training to smallholder farmers who lack access to quality and timely seeds, fair markets, and tools.


Provides microloans to financially excluded people who run or want to start a small business and have few affordable options for capital.


Graduates women out of extreme poverty who live on less than $2.15 per day, have no steady income, and who lack access to basic needs.


Provides access to essential goods like solar home kits to people who have limited access to reliable and affordable water and energy.

Our Mission:

Whole Planet supports organizations that empower people living in poverty to meet their basic needs and become more resilient through income-generating opportunities.

Our grants and no-interest loans support partners in 80 countries around the world where Whole Foods Market sources products.

Loan on scooter with rice in Vietnam

Loan owns a rice mill and used her microloan to grow her business in Vietnam. Photo by WPF's Claire Kelly.

We provide funds to microfinance institutions.

They empower entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers living in poverty by creating access to financial capital in the form of microloans.


diagram of whole planet foundation impact

Our Impact:

Since we were established by Whole Foods Market in 2005, we've funded over 7 million microloans to help entrepreneurs improve their own lives in countries where Whole Foods Market sources products. Loan repayments grow our impact over time, as funds cycle through the microfinance institutions and communities we fund.


Microloan Recipients Are Primarily Women


Celebrating our Supporters

Our Donors

Our Donors

We're proud to receive gifts from individual donors, brands, and corporate sponsors who believe in our mission to alleviate global poverty through entrepreneurship.

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WFM Team Members

Whole Foods Market

We began to alleviate poverty in 2005 where the company sourced products. Since we began, Team Members have donated more than $11 million from their paychecks and the company has covered our operating expenses.

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WFM in Action

#TeamWFM in Action

Hundreds of Whole Foods Market Team Members have made an impact in 15 countries, donating their time and learning about microfinance partners as part of the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program.

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