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  • Neni

    West Java

    Neni is a woodworker from the Wanakersa community in West Java, Indonesia.

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  • Selline


    Selline is a qualified hairdresser and runs her business in Glasgow, Scotland.

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  • Tony


    Tony is the first recipient of Alterna Savings Income Builder Loans for individuals who are looking to bridge their income gap through full or part-time self-employment.

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Stories from the Field

Field Officer Award in Peru

This quarter, we celebrate field officers from our microfinance partners in Latin America who go above and beyond to serve the most underserved populations in their areas. The often-unsung heroes…

Summer Nights Concert Series for Microcredit Wraps Up 4th Year

This summer, Planet LA Records and Whole Foods Market stores in Southern California teamed up once again to produce the Summer Nights Concert Series, presented by ALO Drinks, Lifeway, and…

Field Officer Appreciation Award in El Salvador

The success of microfinance depends on the hard work of Field Officers who work with microcredit borrowers around the world. Honoring these heroes of microfinance is one of our Field…

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Ways to Give

2016 Prosperity Campaign

The 2016 Prosperity Campaign has ended. Thank you for helping us raise over 3 million dollars!

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Liberation Soup

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Our Supplier Partners

Whole Foods Market® suppliers have donated more than $8.2 million to support our mission.

Microfinance Partners

Microfinance Partners

Microfinance organizations are Whole Planet Foundation's partners in the field.

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Whole Foods Market Team Members are making an impact in eight countries this year.