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  • Amphone


    Amphone is a microcredit client of our partner WFDF in Laos. She weaves traditional Laotian skirts.

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  • Rukmiati


    Rukmiati produces rubber with a loan from our partner KOMIDA in Indonesia.

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  • Yuma


    Yuma owns a small shop in Tanzania and borrows from our microfinance partner BRAC.

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Stories from the Field

Co-Chairman of the Board to Match Donations on 10/25

Every year on October 25th, we celebrate Poverty Is Unnecessary Day with supplier partners in the Poverty is Unnecessary Fund, who have pledged to collectively give $200,000 next year to…

Sanitation Microfinance in Asia

Claire is the Asia/Pacific Regional Director for Whole Planet Foundation.  She is responsible for overseeing and expanding a portfolio spanning the region – from Pakistan to Samoa. Whole Planet Foundation’s…

How Do We Show #PovertyIsUnnecessary? Ask Our Partners.

More than 10 years ago, on October 25, 2005, Whole Foods Market stores hosted a 5% Day to raise the funds that seeded Whole Planet Foundation. Since that day, we celebrate…

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Ways to Give

2016 Prosperity Campaign

The 2016 Prosperity Campaign has ended. Thank you for helping us raise over 3 million dollars!

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Liberation Soup

The Whole Planet Foundation Cookbook

Celebrating Our Partners & Volunteers

Seventh Generation

Our Supplier Partners

Whole Foods Market® suppliers have donated more than $8.2 million to support our mission.

Microfinance Partners

Microfinance Partners

Microfinance organizations are Whole Planet Foundation's partners in the field.

Team Member Volunteers

Whole Foods Market Team Members are making an impact in eight countries this year.