As Important as Ever: Microloans for Women-Owned Small Businesses in the United States

JP KloningerCOVID-19, Microfinance Partners, The United States

After five consecutive years of declines in the national poverty rate, the United States is expected to experience a spike of approximately 6.5% (from 12.4% to 18.9%) in 2020.  This means an increase of over 21 million individuals living in poverty, resulting in the highest poverty level in the United …

alomgir and sophie

The Spark of Entrepreneurship + Whole Planet Foundation: Part I

Whole Planet FoundationLatin America and the Caribbean, Microcredit, Teysha

This two part guest blog series comes to us from Sophie Eckrich, a former Whole Planet Foundation intern and founder of Teysha. Ten years ago, I embarked for a life-changing journey as an intern for Whole Planet Foundation with their microfinance partner, Grameen Bank, in Panajachel, Guatemala. I was 19 …