$50,000 Supplier Donors are Funding Her Essential Business in 2021

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This year, we honor generous $50,000 Fund donors who are collectively committing $650,000 in 2021 to alleviate global poverty through microcredit. These like-minded brands form the Supplier Alliance of Microcredit, a group of companies committed to supporting microentrepreneurs, primarily women, with opportunities to improve their own lives. The microloans they fund can help a woman start or develop a small business. Read more to learn how these brands support Whole Planet Foundation’s mission to empower people living in poverty in in the United States and around the globe.

At the top of this post, Sales Manager, Katie Kowalski from KeVita, on the most recent WPF Impact Trip in South Africa with a local macadamia nut seller who received a loan from Small Enterprise Foundation.

chobani logoChobani

Chobani is strengthening the communities they call home by volunteering time, donating products and supporting impactful charitable programs, like Whole Planet Foundation’s mission to alleviate global poverty. To date, Chobani has donated $200,000 to fund 2,510 microloans, creating 13,420 opportunities for microentrepreneur families to prosper. When entrepreneurs thrive, their children and future generations have access to improved school, nutrition, and quality of life.

“Chobani’s founding mission is to make ‘better food for more people.’ Chobani disrupted the yogurt category by making higher protein Greek yogurt, with only natural ingredients, accessible and delicious. As we elevate nutrition for millions of people, Chobani also uses food as a force for good in the world – putting humanity first in everything we do. Our philanthropic efforts focus on giving a portion of the company’s annual profits to support the needs of our communities,” says the Chobani Team.

Good Culture

Good Culture is a new member of Whole Planet Foundation’s Supplier Alliance for Microcredit this year. Since the average international loan size funded by Whole Planet Foundation is $174, Good Cultures $50,000 contribution will help fund approximately 280 microloans and create over 1,400 opportunities for an entrepreneur living in poverty to start or develop a business.

Jesse Merrill, Founder and CEO of Good Culture

“Good Culture is honored to join forces with Whole Planet Foundation in support of their mission to alleviate poverty. This powerful alliance will provide more microloans to low-income women entrepreneurs, empowering them to launch their own businesses and start a new life filled with opportunity. These small steps can create big change and we will continue to fight alongside Whole Planet Foundation to help others,” says Jesse Merrill, Good Culture Founder and CEO. 

Honest Tea

One of Honest Tea’s goals is creating economic opportunity. Their commitment to Fair Trade funds opportunities through empowerment of their suppliers in places like India. Through their support of Whole Planet Foundation, they will create additional economic opportunity through the funding of microloans for entrepreneurs living in poverty. When entrepreneurs have a chance to start or develop a small business, they are more likely to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

“Honest Tea is proud to continue its support of Whole Planet Foundation in 2021. Honest Tea is committed to creating economic opportunity in communities where they source their ingredients. Since beginning its Fair Trade journey, Honest Tea has paid more than $2 million to supplier partners in Fair Trade premiums in places like India, where Whole Planet Foundation funds microcredit,” says the Honest Team.


“KeVita is proud to partner with Whole Planet Foundation in their mission to alleviate poverty around the globe. As a female founded company, we are continually inspired by the women entrepreneurs that Whole Planet Foundation supports – and were honored to participate in Whole Planet Foundation’s recent International Women’s Day virtual event, which highlighted the importance of championing female entrepreneurship. Since our inception, KeVita has been committed to innovation, inclusivity and accessibility, and our partnership with Whole Planet Foundation only elevates that commitment”, says the KeVita Team.

naked juice logoNaked

Naked, a PepsiCo. brand, has been proudly supporting Whole Planet Foundation since 2007. Members of the PepsiCo. brand team have met microcredit clients whose loans were funded by Whole Planet Foundation in the United States, Nepal, and most recently South Africa.

“Naked Juice is the longest PepsiCo brand supporter of the Whole Planet Foundation since 2011, and has donated over $700,000 to date. As a brand, our mission is rooted in providing access to fruits and vegetables to communities in need through a variety of partnerships; to date we have delivered over 1 million servings of fresh, local produce to Americans that need it most.  In addition, we drive initiatives around sustainable packaging using 100% recyclable plastic, sourcing Rainforest Alliance certified pineapples and bananas, and supporting our community through partnerships like this. Microfinance and poverty alleviation are ways Whole Planet Foundation focuses on their mission to bring more good to the world and we couldn’t be prouder to help them bring their vision to life”, says the Naked Juice Team.

Papyrus-Recycled Paper Greetingspapyrus logo

Papyrus-Recycled Paper Greetings to date has donated $700,000 to alleviate global poverty through microcredit. Their $50,000 commitment this year will help fund an additional 280 microloans for entrepreneurs living in poverty.

“The opportunity to partner with Whole Planet Foundation is a natural extension of PRG’s mission to ‘… create happiness, laughter, and love.’ It’s about the people, the message, and making this world a better place, every single day, says Sara Sadaghiani, Regional VP.

“By sending a greeting card, one has the ability to make a connection and enrich another’s life anywhere throughout the world. This is a partnership which shares a common interest, mission, vision, and heart. We believe in making the world a more thoughtful and caring place through meaningful connections and view our partnership with Whole Planet Foundation as a unique opportunity to grow in those efforts,” says Kelsey Haig, Account Executive.”


Since 2011, SAMBAZON has been a long-time member of Whole Planet Foundation’s $50,000 Fund. Beyond being a proud supporter of microcredit programs, they have also been a host of the Whole Foods Market Team Member volunteer program in Brazil, enhancing team members opportunity to witness microcredit projects and perform volunteer work in a country where Whole Foods Market sources products. 

“SAMBAZON is excited to continue our partnership with Whole Planet Foundation to elevate our triple bottom line philosophy of achieving environmental, social, and economic impact through our business. At SAMBAZON, we partner with thousands of family farmers to facilitate sustainable harvesting, manufacturing and marketing of organic açaí to the world. We also give a percentage of our fruit purchases back to our partnered Amazonian communities, which support artisans and teachers in our harvest communities. Whole Planet Foundation has done an incredible job showing the impact of investment all over the world,” says John Clotfelter, SAMBAZON.

Bio Jewelry Shop established with SAMBAZON’s support near their facility in Santana, Amapá State.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a founding member of the Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit, donating $650,000 since they first began giving in 2008. The team from Seventh Generation have joined us to witness microcredit in Paraguay, South Africa, Nepal, and various cities in the United States, so they’ve met microcredit clients whose dreams of starting or expanding their businesses were just a microloan away. Through deep partnership with our microfinance partners, donors like Seventh Generation have been able to tell the story of our mission to their donors through our work in the field. Through content like these videos and landing pages from trips to South Africa and Nepal, Seventh Generation and their parent company, Unilever continue to deepen our collective mission to empower people living in poverty around the globe.


Stacy’s was founded by a woman who was savvy in business and reached for an opportunity to thrive through her own hard work. Through Stacy’s donations, Whole Planet Foundation has been able to fund 29,930 number of microloans to other small enterprises around the globe. The company is passionate about serving female entrepreneurs, and their ongoing support of our work alleviating poverty as well as their other philanthropic initiatives shows that. In this video from a visit to South Africa to learn about microfinance in the field, Stacy’s Director of Sales Lisa Honeycutt explains why the company continues to support Whole Planet Foundation’s mission year after year. We are appreciative of donors like Stacy’s who help us spread the word about this important work.


siggi’s deep mission to improve nutrition is what led them to support Whole Planet Foundation’s mission to empower women entrepreneurs. When women have access to microcredit, they are more likely to spend that money to improve children’s nutrition. A small business can give a woman the profits she needs to improve outcomes for her family.

“Nutrition and wellness have always been core to siggi’s. siggi’s recognizes that poverty is a serious challenge to health and wellbeing. “Whole Planet Foundation’s commitment to empowering the impoverished is inspiring and effective. We’re very pleased to partner with them,” says siggi’s Director of PR & Nutrition, Kristina Drociak.

Stonyfield Organic

Stonyfield Organic has humble roots in a school for farming, and today has a big vision for philanthropy. We are proud to have them join our $50,000 Fund and our mission to support essential small businesses around the globe.

“Yogurt is our product, but people are our passion. Stonyfield Organic began in 1983 out of a farming school devoted to sustainable farming practices, and we’ve been committed to the big picture ever since. There are many threats to food security, from pesticides to climate change to poverty, and we’re determined to do our part. It’s a mindset we call Good on Purpose, and it’s why we’re proud to support Whole Planet Foundation.” said Stonyfield Organic Director of PR & Nutrition, Kristina Drociak.

Topo Chico

Topo Chico renews their commitment to alleviate global poverty as a member of Whole Planet Foundation’s $50,000 Fund. Their commitment this year will help fund approximately 280 microloans for entrepreneurs living in poverty. This support of our mission is in line with three generations of work in their community, and now they are proud to continue their donation in 2021 to alleviate poverty around the globe through Whole Planet Foundation.

“Topo Chico is proud to support the Whole Planet Foundation. Throughout the 125 years of Compañía Topo Chico S de RL de CV’s existence, three generations of neighbors and their families have benefited from access to potable water, wellness programs, to having a job and activities linked to our commitment as a socially responsible company with the purpose of social welfare,” says the Topo Chico Team. 

Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals has been a partner of Whole Planet Foundation since 2008. In that time, they have contributed over $393,440 and have hosted Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program participants in their sourcing region in India.

“In addition to funding microcredit through our work, Traditional Medicinals is committed to social development projects in their own sourcing communities around the world. Farmers and collectors are at the heart of our company. We prioritize the livelihoods of the growers and gatherers that cultivate our herbs which allows us to continue to innovate quality medicinal herbal remedies. We choose to invest in communities not only because it mitigates risk and builds lasting business relationships, but because it is the right thing to do. Partnering with organizations like Whole Planet Foundation helps us realize this shared vision,” says Jamie Horst, Executive Director of Traditional Medicinals Foundation.

Dan Lindsey, Director of Sales, Traditional Medicinals (far left), traveled to India with the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program.

Volunteers dug a taanka (water tank) which provided water for local families in need and learned about the community, culture, and more.