Welcome to the WPF Blog


Hello Friends,

Welcome to the new Whole Planet Foundation Blog! We plan on using this as another resource for all things microfinance – foundation news, articles, discussions, pictures, etc. However, we can’t limit ourselves now. We encourage and hope that you will contribute your voice, opinions and comments.

First things first, I am Daniel, Social Media dude for the foundation and this is my new project. Since I know you guys don’t want to hear from me all the time, the plan is to have others on the team contribute. Quick introductions, if you are not already familiar:

  • Philip – President & Executive Director; El Jefe
  • Brian – Africa Field Program Manager; Vacationed in Yemen to learn Arabic
  • Daniel Z. – Asia Fiel Program Manager; Newbie
  • Evan – Latin America Field Program Manager; CPA and Surfer. A deadly combination
  • Genie – Internal Programs Ambassador; Office Comedian
  • Joy – Executive Partnership and Internal Programs Director; Office Sweetheart
  • JP – Accountant & Financial Reporter; Hacky Sack Champion
  • Lauren – Marketing and Outreach Specialist; She keeps us hip
  • Steve – Executive Program Director; Triathlete. Need I say more?

I hope that this blog will be fun, but informative. Kinda like the tuxedo shirt says I want to be formal, but I am here to party. At least according to Cal Naughton Jr. If nothing else, the 10 minutes you spend here will save you from melting in the summer heat. If you’re in Austin, you know what I mean with a 7 day forecast of 100+ and we still have July and August to get through.

On a more serious note, I would like to share an article put out by Microfinance Focus that we found interesting. With some of the heat that the microfinance sector has been taking lately, this article and interview with the Founder and CEO, Peter Ryan, of our Malawi partner, Microloan Foundation, explores nonprofit vs. for-profit microfinance institutions. Basically what it comes down to is the mission and the leaders. Peter is quoted saying, “What drives us is the social impact of our work.” As the interview reveals, this attitude is crucial not only for the success of the institutions but for the alleviation of poverty as well. Other institutions who are not as mission driven and focused tend to lose their way and this is where we begin to see negatives affects it has on the poor. What do think? Post your comments below.

Have a great day!