Transform Your Business with a Women-Owned Certification

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Saskia Foley, RADIUS CEO & President

RADIUS CEO & President, and daughter of founder Kevin Foley, started her RADIUS journey over 20 years ago when she joined the family business working in assembly during the summer months. Subsequently she went on to become a Chinese major at Georgetown with no real plans to work with RADIUS. As a project manager for two different multicultural TV stations, the opportunity arose for Saskia to join RADIUS in a larger capacity. Saskia decided to attend Babson College’s MBA program (#1 for Entrepreneurship for more than 20 years) and then come to RADIUS. She started as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, went on to become CEO in 2011, and then became President in 2014 officially making RADIUS a certified woman owned enterprise. Saskia strives to continue the RADIUS mission of creating a more evolved product line that is personable, well-designed, USA made, and of the utmost quality. Saskia is proud to part of such a rapidly growing, solar- powered, women-run, family-owned business.

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