The Power of Gut Instinct

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Join us for a discussion about the importance of trusting your gut and how a clean, healthy gut is foundational to optimal wellness and mental clarity. Hippocrates said all disease begins in the gut. Join Founder and CEO of Bonafide Provisions, Sharon Brown, for a talk on the importance of trusting your gut and maintaining its health. Sharon will share the story of how she decided to start her own business, and why she believes that big successes– in business and in life– are aided by a gut-healthy diet. This talk will be introduced by Lorraine Kayser, Senior National Whole Foods Account Executive for both Presence Marketing and Dynamic Presence.

Sharon Brown, Founder and CEO, Bonafide Provisions

Sharon Brown is a clinical nutritionist, certified Gut & Psychology (GAPS) practitioner and founder of Bonafide Provisions. It was through trusting her gut as a mother and looking for alternatives to treat her son’s chronic illness that Sharon first discovered the healing power of bone broth. Inspired by that journey she went on to start a private nutrition practice and she ultimately founded Bonafide Provisions out of the need to provide her clients with a bone broth that met her standards. Sharon relies on gut instinct when making key business decisions and she believes that a healthy gut is key to optimal wellness.

Lorraine Kayser, Senior National Whole Foods Account Executive for both Presence Marketing and Dynamic Presence

Lorraine’s study of business, marketing, and history studies at the University of Texas shaped this future Natural Products Industry trendsetter. Lorraine has supported this industry since 1991, both at retail and as a buyer at the distributor level. Being a buyer at Whole Foods Market indoctrinated Lorraine with firsthand experience and insight regarding the needs and drivers of store buyers and products. She established an incredible network of buyer relationships and appreciated her invaluable experience learning what types of products and promotions excited customers.

As a buyer of more than 70 lines during her two years at the Whole Foods Market Southwest Distribution Center, Lorraine worked very closely with both store buyers and manufacturers to ensure the success and sales growth of thousands of products. During this time Lorraine realized her talent in communicating and negotiating as the liaison between buyers and manufacturers. Lorraine loved it, and Kayser Sales and Marketing was born. After 16 years of being a cutting edge, aggressive, top broker in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains, Kayser Sales and Marketing became part of the incredible Presence Family in 2009.

Lorraine is now Senior National Whole Foods Account Executive for both Presence Marketing and Dynamic Presence. Lorraine thoroughly enjoys overseeing brand management, masterminding sales and growth strategies, selling truckloads, and developing long standing, solid, high level relationships with the Whole Foods National Team, distributors, and our valued manufacturers. Deeply invested in her community, Lorraine is very tied in with local  efforts and is a globally-minded member of the Whole Planet Foundation Hall of Fame.  Lorraine loves entertaining, adventures, challenges, being around water, sailing, surfing, playing golf, dancing, bass guitar, and travel with her husband Shawn. She adores the natural foods industry and all of the creative minds and products that make the world a better place.

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