The Power of Purpose: A Keynote Conversation with Theresa Carrington

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After more than a decade of observation and conversation with women living in extreme poverty, Theresa believes the world can change when we  dare to live our authentic purpose. Theresa will help us understand what authentic purpose is, how to find it within ourselves and the power it holds to  change the world.

Theresa Carrington, Founder, The Blessing Basket

Theresa Carrington is Founder of The Blessing Basket Project and inventor of the Prosperity Wages® and Graduate from Poverty® models. Her models are proven to end poverty and fuel entrepreneurship in developing economies. Theresa also invented Artisan&You®, the world’s largest artisan engagement technology.  Recognized by BMW and the United Nations, Theresa’s patent-pending technology and models have empowered thousands of impoverished people to use their own story to sustainably exit poverty.  Theresa’s long list of accomplishments include author, 11-time Mid-America Emmy winner, TEDx Speaker, U.S. State Department entrepreneurship trainer,  BMW Responsible Leader,  Intercultural Leader, Global Diplomacy Lab Methodological Lead for 2018 to name a few. Theresa has conducted leader training, lectures and mentorship in over 14 countries and received more than 18 awards recognizing her as a successful leader, social entrepreneur and champion of women.

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