Babban Gona Partnership Funds Farmers in Rural Nigeria

Brian DoeField Team Blogs, Microcredit, Microfinance Partners, Sub-Saharan Africa

In Nigeria, where Whole Foods Market sources ginger, Whole Planet Foundation offers scale capital to the agriculture social enterprise Babban Gona. Babban Gona is working to make rural farming profitable for smallholder farmers in northern Nigeria. Their founder, Kola Masha, started the business to engage young Nigerians that have increasingly …

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Farming + Finance for a Path out of Poverty

JP KloningerField Team Blogs, Foundation News, Latin America and the Caribbean, Microcredit, Microfinance Partners

At Whole Planet Foundation, we hold that microfinance is not a “silver bullet,” but an important component in a series of factors which can permanently lift people, families, and communities out of poverty.  Additionally, because people near the base of the economic pyramid often rely on subsistence farming or basic …