Sol Bliss: “Why I Support Whole Planet Foundation”

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Thanks to Jonathan Gottfried of Sol Bliss for contributing this post!

“It was a dark and stormy night, …er day, and well, just like any other winter day in Chicago.  Sigh.  But, I was excited!  A friend told me that there was an amazing new grocery store on North Avenue that I had to check out.  A grocery store?  Really?  I was typically more interested in the latest trip-hop release.  It was 1994 after all.  But, it was Saturday, and my friend said there was a new huge CD store right next to the grocery store.  Ok, yes, I admit it.  It was the CD store that inspired me to make the trek from my breezy loft in an old Christmas ornament factory in Bucktown.  Feeling spry from drinking too much coffee, I walked over a mile in freezing cold to the new Whole Foods Market.

When I walked in to Whole Foods I noticed right away that the fresh fruits and vegetables looked better than the grocery store I normally shopped at.  I couldn’t resist buying several different kinds of fruit.  I decided to walk every aisle and check out the store in detail.  I was floored!  The store truly had different products than I was used to seeing.  Lots of items were promoting that they were natural or organic.  I remember I picked out a new pasta sauce and Amy’s Toaster Pops.  My favorite discovery was the salad bar.  It was the greatest one I had ever seen!  I loaded up.  My dinner was set.  I was excited to eat it later, and felt great that I had something healthy to enjoy.

On Sunday, I had the toaster pops for breakfast and used the pasta sauce for my dinner. On Monday, I wanted to go to back to Whole Foods to check out more new products and make another “big salad.”  Whole Foods quickly became a beacon of both delicious food and better health for me.  From that day forward, I bought groceries at Whole Foods every week.  

I created Sol Bliss frozen fruit purees to make it easier for anyone to enjoy fruit in whatever way they desired.  Everyone needs to eat fruit.  But, we don’t all enjoy it the same way, or use the same recipe every day.  Each puree contains only 1 ingredient, ripe fruit.  The puree makes it possible to blend the fruit to make a smooth smoothie, yogurt drinks, lemonades, freezer pops, pancakes, or just about anything else you want to add fruit to.  In our own small way, I hope Sol Bliss products contribute to helping people pursue a healthy diet.

I support Whole Planet Foundation for several reasons.  Whole Foods has had a tremendous, positive influence on my life.  I’ve been a customer for nearly 20 years because they’ve made it easy for me to maintain a healthy diet.  I admire the company’s commitment to not only healthy foods, but also to sustainable agriculture, Fair Trade, non-GMO foods, and numerous other initiatives that help define “conscious capitalism.”
While a store can have a substantial impact on a community, different options are needed in some communities.  The foundation’s microcredit approach to empowering people is outstanding.  I am deeply moved by how lives can be transformed by simply offering someone the opportunity to determine his or her own path.  The foundation is truly helping to change lives.  I am humbled by the courage and ingenuity of the entrepreneurs the foundation assists.  The Whole Foods store that helped me develop a healthier diet will always inspire me to develop healthy products, and to support the amazing work the Whole Planet Foundation makes to communities all over the world.”

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