Future Eve Foundation

Olivia Hayden

Future Eve Foundation works to economically and socially empower women and children in Egypt. Its signature program, the Amal Project, economically empowers widows and female heads of households through micro-finance and social group banking. Its focus on education seeks to facilitate early enrollment of youth and to keep girls in …

BOMA Project

Olivia Hayden

The BOMA Project launched in 2005, with the goal of creating pathways out of poverty for women living in the northern drylands. In late 2008, BOMA started implementing REAP, their ultra-poor graduation methodology. This approach’s impact is backed by rigorous research. BOMA scales their approach through direct implementation and strategic …


Olivia Hayden

ATIL was launched by a local social NGO to help improve the incomes of businesses in the Tetouan area of Morocco- a region that sees a lot of economic activity on the coast but suffers from economic exclusion inland towards the Rif mountains. ATIL is taking a different approach to …


Al Majmoua

Olivia Hayden

Al Majmoua is a Lebanese non-profit microfinance institution that focuses on supporting micro-entrepreneurs, particularly women, in developing sustainable businesses all over Lebanon.

Global Fund for Widows

Olivia Hayden

The Global Fund for Widows is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering widows and female heads of households to overcome poverty through skills-based training, job creation, and micro-finance. Ultimately, our goal is to help widows achieve financial stability, self-sufficiency, accountability, and importantly, become a role model to her own children …


Dan Gaidula

KIEDF demonstrates that philanthropy can be deployed efficiently into the private sector to spur economic development, create employment opportunity and verify that microlending is a small risk. KIEDF is recognized throughout Israel as the preeminent private source of credit and business services.



Dan Gaidula

INMAA fights against poverty by offering financial services to Moroccans who are typically excluded from the formal banking sector. INMAA began operations in 1999 and has reached 6,000 people in 25 microlending branches, all focusing on women.

enda inter arabe logo

Enda inter-arabe

Dan Gaidula

Enda inter-arabe is an international NGO, member of Enda third-world network (Environment Development Action). Enda inter-arabe offers flexible, diversified products that are adapted to the needs of the micro-entrepreneurs, thanks to proximity and a listening-to-clients policy. We work with Enda inter-arabe in Tunisia.

asala logo


Dan Gaidula

ASALA, the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association, has been actively providing loans to women since its establishment in 1997. ASALA’s headquarters is in Ramallah and it has ten strategically located branch offices throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ASALA targets impoverished and excluded Palestinian women in order to empower them and …