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Chamroeun Microfinance Limited

Brian Kemper

CHAMROEUN Microfinance Limited is a microfinance operator in Cambodia established at the end of 2005 by French NGO, Entrepreneur du Monde. Its mission is to assist poor families living in urban depressed areas, increase their incomes, overcome unexpected expenses and develop long term projects through the provision of loans, savings, …

cashpor microfinance


Brian Kemper

CASHPOR Financial and Technical Services (CFTS) was started in 1996 with the commitment to alleviating poverty through a model which is operationally scalable, financially sustainable and yet socially responsible to clients. The mission of the company is “To identify and motivate BPL women in the rural areas and to deliver financial …

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Brian Kemper

Started in 1972 as a relief NGO in Bangladesh following the end of the Bangladesh’s war for independence, BRAC shifted from emergency relief to community development in the years following. The BRAC vision is a world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where everyone has the opportunity to …

grameen costa rica

Grameen Costa Rica

Brian Kemper

Asociación Costa Rica Grameen is a not-for-profit association formed in April 2006 as a result of a strategic alliance between EARTH University and Whole Planet Foundation. This was Whole Planet’s first project since its own inception, and it was initiated as a “Build-Operate-Transfer” (BOT) program in which Grameen Bangladesh expertise …

Grameen Motsho O Pashusampad Foundation

Brian Kemper

Grameen Motsho O Pashusampad Foundation (GMPF) is a nonprofit organization who is committed to poverty alleviation through fisheries and livestock development programs in Bangladesh.