Grameen Ghana Finance Manager Earns MBA

Brian DoeFoundation News

Iddrisu stands in front of the Grameen Ghana head office

Iddrisu is back at Grameen Ghana with his MBA credential

I have been working with Iddrisu, the Finance Manager at Grameen Ghana, over the course of our partnership with this small local microfinance institution in the far northern reaches of Ghana. The MFI has grown significantly over the years and with that growth comes the need to increase their oversight and management of their operations and finances.

Last year I found Iddrisu was not at Grameen Ghana- and found out he had actually been accepted to a Norwegian university in Maastricht to pursue an MBA.

Iddrisu received a scholarship through the Norwegian Fellowship Program  (NFP), a Dutch scholarships programme that aims to help reduce the shortage of skilled workers in 51 countries. By completing a study program in the Netherlands, they will return to their jobs with the skills to further develop and strengthen the organizations that employ them.

Iddrisu is now back at Grameen Ghana with his MBA credentials, tackling the challenges of managing a growing organization in the micro-credit sector in northern Ghana!

Congratulations Iddrisu!