Changing Lives


Look how our partnership with Guayaki is changing lives in South America!

Guayaki, supporter of the Whole Planet Foundation’s $10,000 Fund, is the first to bring you certified organic, fairly traded and rainforest-grown yerba maté.  Guayakí works with farmers in South America to promote sustainable growing practices, to preserve and reforest the land, and to create a renewable income stream–effectively bettering the lives of the local communities.  So our consumers have the power to choose products that have a positive impact. For example, for every bottle you drink, you protect 2 trees and 50sq ft of rainforest, and Guayaki products are on sale at Whole Foods Market this month! You can calculate how much rainforest you are protecting just by drinking Guayaki Yerba Mate.

Because of our customer support of this great product, Guayaki has been selected as one of 12 finalists of 640 entries in the BBC World Challenge.  The World Challenge is a global competition in its seventh year at the BBC World News.  It seeks to highlight and reward small businesses around the world that bring economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities through innovation and enterprise at a grassroots level.  Tune in to the BBC Saturday October 1st at 3:30am and 4:30pm or Sunday October 2nd at 9:30am CST.

Further your impact, and vote here: If Guayaki wins, the Ache tribe in Paraguay will receive $20,000 to support food security in their local community.  Every vote makes a big difference!