Celebrating Fair Trade Month: Steaz

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A big thanks to Steve Kessler, Co-Founder of Steaz, for contributing to this post

One of the coolest things about shopping at Whole Foods Market is how your purchase helps change the world through one of the many programs Whole Foods Market supports. What’s even more exciting is when some of the programs come together, and your purchase makes an even bigger difference.

Well that’s what happens when you buy a refreshing Steaz beverage – whether one of our “iced teaz,” sparkling teas, energy drinks or energy shots.  As a participant in the Whole Trade Guarantee and Whole Planet Foundation programs, every Steaz beverage is helping transform the world.

Steaz is built around three core business values; People, Planet and Profits. People: we take great pride knowing we are helping farmers live a better life. Planet: we are mindful of protecting the earth with carbon offset and reduction programs. Profits: not the profits we make but the fact that we are happy to pay more for our tea knowing some of our profits go directly into the pockets of the farmers who grow our organic teas.

As part of the Whole Trade Guarantee program, the Fair Trade Certified tea in every single Steaz product is improving lives and protecting the environment.  Did you know that last year, almost 2,000,000 lbs of Fair Trade Certified tea were imported into the U.S, generating over $600,000 in community development funds in 9 countries?  That’s a lot of tea and a lot of impact!  And it’s the farmers who decide how to spend the additional money they earn; for example, in India, the workers of Ootho Singampatti Estates decided to buy computers for their classrooms, to provide workplace safety training, and to provide medical treatment for the workers.

To enhance this community development even further through Whole Planet Foundation, Steaz is contributing $15,000 to fund microloans in 45 countries where Whole Foods Market products are grown. With that funding, Whole Planet Foundation will be able to empower 67 women across those 45 countries with a microloan and an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

Most importantly, none of this change would happen without the power of shoppers like me and you – vote for a better world with your dollars, and make every purchase matter.  You really can make a difference.