WPF Gives $150,000 in Queens

Joy StoddardDomestic Microlending, The United States

Whole Planet Foundation Grant of $150,000 to Women Entrepreneurs in Queens, New York In Action

Betty is a microcredit client of our partner Grameen America in New York.  She runs a clothing boutique in Queens.  Meeting Betty revealed that her priority is running a business that enables her to still care for her son after he finishes school each afternoon.  She likes to make certain he finishes his homework!  Betty’s boutique is the essence of why microcredit works – she is able to do what she loves and invest in her family at the same time.  Betty is proud of her ability to serve as a one stop shop for women in the area as she sells t-shirts, jeans, dresses, undergarments, and sleepwear.

microcredit client of grameen america in new york

Betty in her shop.

microcredit client shop new york

Betty’s shop with her external merchandising