WorldFinds Commits to Making a Difference

Lauren EvansFoundation News, Supplier Partnerships

Whole Foods Market supplier partner WorldFinds approached us a few months ago and wanted to find a way to work together. I had never heard of this brand before, so before connecting about partnership opportunities, I wanted to learn more about WorldFinds, how they got started and where they are today. We always try to ensure that the Whole Foods Market supplier partners we work with share similar values and missions, and I am excited to share their story with you, as it connects on a deep level with Whole Planet Foundation.

Kelly Weinberger founded WorldFinds in 2000 after she and her husband David Burns had left their jobs in Chicago to spend 14 months traveling around the world. While in Asia, Kelly was struck by the talented artisans and concerned for their lack of income when tourism faded. So, they vowed to do something about it when they returned to the States. The remainder of the trip was spent learning about the plight of artisans and fair trade.

Back in the States Kelly began to test products she had purchased and learned the ins and outs of importing while David got his MBA. WorldFinds soon became a member of the Fair Trade Federation and started ramping up the number of stores that sold their products. Today there are nearly 500 stores selling WorldFinds items in North America, including Whole Foods Market, and it has grown from a team of one, and then two, to a hard-working and very dedicated team of six. Learn more about the amazing artisans WorldFinds works with to create their line of products.

From August through December 2013, WorldFinds is generously donating 1% of sales in select Whole Foods Market regions to support poverty alleviation through Whole Planet Foundation. Check out their line of products online and in a local store near you, and we hope you will join us in celebrating their commitment to fight global poverty!