Wholesome Meats Nourish Spirit of Entrepreneurism

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Thank you to Wellshire’s Allegra Tiver for contributing to this post!

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Wellshire is built on quality and integrity. These two simple concepts have served as a strong foundation for the all natural meat company, launched nearly 20 years ago by Louis B. Colameco III. They have been a grounding force for employees through its rapid growth.

These core values help make the hundreds of antibiotic and preservative free Wellshire pork, turkey, chicken and beef products, sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market, so wholesome and delicious. However, Wellshire’s commitment to people, service and sustainability complete the company’s recipe for success.

Wellshire’s high quality meats – from thick-sliced, dry rubbed bacon to hand-glazed spiral hams, and an array of chicken sausages to deli meats – reflect a deeply rooted sense of ethical and social responsibility. A 5-Step Further Processor with the Global Animal Partnership, Wellshire believes animals and people have the right to live healthy and joyful lives.

To think globally and consider the impact of each and every choice is essential for Wellshire, but not just from a business standpoint. Animal agriculture depends on excellent land stewardship and a farmer’s success depends on the economic health of their community. With this always in mind, Wellshire knows choice is a determining factor in developing human potential.

This is why Wellshire continually gives back to the community and chooses to support Whole Planet Foundation’s Annual Prosperity Campaign with product donations to stores across the United States. Ensuring that people feel supported and empowered to make the choices they face every day  is what matters to Wellshire.

WPF_RoosSqSeattleWAThe idea of people striving to improve themselves and their communities is very familiar to Colameco, who started the company out of his home with a few thousand dollars, a pager and no financial backing. From selling a few hams door to door, to seeing them ship out by the truckload, Colameco knows the meaning of being an entrepreneur and appreciates the vision of like-minded people working toward better lives with the support of Whole Planet Foundation.

Wellshire appreciates the power of microcredit to aid in the development of businesses and community leaders to help alleviate poverty in countries that, in turn, provide their goods to Whole Foods Market. It is the same kind of synergy Wellshire fosters in the Philadelphia area, with the ongoing work of the Barbara A. Colameco Transportation Fund. The nonprofit honors the memory of Lou’s wife, who lost her own battle with cancer, by providing transportation and relaxation to those dealing with the disease.

Supporting Whole Planet Foundation with donations of Hot Dogs for store barbeques, Corned Beef for special Reuben lunches, and even donating cents back for each purchase made, are everyday ways Wellshire can lift up the globe from right here at home.

Grounded in a deep appreciation for our commonality and with a deep respect for humanity, Wellshire is proud to offer customers healthy food choices and honored to be a part of changing lives around the globe.