Whole Foods Market Team Members Win a Trip to Colombia with Whole Planet Foundation

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Congratulations to these Whole Foods Market Team Members for their outstanding performance during that 2015 Prosperity Campaign that raised $4.6 Million for Microcredit through Whole Planet Foundation!  Thanks to their efforts and customer generosity, we will be able to support an additional 118,200 people with the chance for a better life.

Whole Planet Foundation Winner for Best Training Program:  Southern Pacific Region Whole Foods Market Laguna Nigel Store Meat Team Assistant Team Leader/Team Educator Christopher Martin. Chris divided his team into 4 even groups who each picked a geographic region to represent, selected a product within their department to act as their goods/business, received a $300 “microloan”, and competed to sell their products by merchandising and demos. The goal was to generate enough increased sales of each product versus last fiscal period’s sales totals to pay back the $300 loan with interest and still make a profit. What an excellent way to teach about the power of microcredit relative to Whole Foods Market!

Whole Planet Foundation Winner for Best Executed Supplier Alliance for Microcredit Display: Northeast Region Whole Foods Market Paramus Store Equipment Maintenance Team Member Chris Farrell.  Paramus Marketing Team Leader Morgan says “Chris built the beautiful hut in our store and really made that display happen for us. 

experience winner

“Chris built the beautiful hut in our store and really made that display happen for us.”

 We created an impactful and interactive display featuring products from the $100,000 Fund and Supplier Alliance for Microcredit.This hut made a statement as customers would visit the café and customer service area.  Inside the hut we had a looping Whole Planet Foundation video and a quiz to test knowledge and enter to win a Whole Foods Market gift card. Behind the hut we covered the column with information about Whole Planet Foundation.  The questions on our quiz corresponded to the information found on this column.  It encouraged customers to learn about Whole Planet Foundation and take the time to read our signage.  There is signage on the windows outside of the hut along with names of customers who donated to the foundation during the campaign.” 

Regional Campaign Outstanding Performer Winners

Mid-Atlantic Region: Whole Foods Market Pittsburg Store Front End Front Runner Kathleen Zawrotniak is selected for leading a local movie screening for Living On One Dollar, working with every department including marketing, artists, volunteers, front end and customers to successfully host, run, and believe in Whole Planet Foundation and the importance of microlending. Her store says “Katie not only embodies every core value of Whole Foods Market and Whole Planet Foundation, but also inspires and challenges her team, leads an organically connected life, and leads a life we can all learn from.

South Region: Whole Foods Market McEwen Store Front End Cashier Candyce Krohn for raising $9,458.56!

Southwest Region: Whole Foods Market Fairview Front End Cashier Kathy Green for being the region’s top fundraising Team Member at $2,196.02 raised at the registers!

North Atlantic Region: Whole Foods Market Symphony Store Specialty Assistant Team Leader Sam Atwood for overall outstanding performance.

Gretel at Capitola

Northern California Region: Whole Foods Market Capitola Store Customer Service Team Member Gretel Sinkola. Her store says “Gretel is so inspirational in her fundraising that team members look to her as the leader and role model.  Gretel is incredibly personable with customers and really makes them feel comfortable when she is informing them about Whole Planet Foundation. They see and feel her passion and are inspired to then make a donation.  She has not only been one of the top fundraisers this year but for the last three years.  Gretel is the inspiration on our team and store!  She is always there to help out anyone and does so with such passion, sincerity and a great smile!  We are so thankful she is part of our team!”

Rocky Mountain Region: Whole Foods Market Highlands Ranch Store Front End Cashier Nick Tangorra is selected for highest dollar raised and highest transaction count.

Southern Pacific Region: Whole Foods Market Beverly Hills’ Store Scanning Specialist Esthela Pacheco. Her store says “We had various Prosperity Campaign events planned and throughout the campaign Esthela was eager to share this information with team members and help get them involved. Esthela saw her opportunity to really make an impact with our first annual 5k Pace for Poverty. 

Esthela Pacheco

 We had two contests, one for the participant who got the most sponsorship donations and another one for the winner of the 5k. Esthela had a personal goal to get as many sponsors as possible, and she was able to get over 40 team members to donate a minimum of $5 to sponsor her, which is 27% of the store. Esthela raised well over $230 in sponsorship funds and $370 through her site, over $600 for Whole Planet Foundation! We are so excited to nominate Esthela, not only for her tremendous efforts all campaign long, but also because Esthela is an great team member who is always eager to help you, dependable, a team player and she exhibits our core values. She loves the idea of giving back, especially to a developing nation and she wants to inspire her four daughters to be empowered to make a difference in the world. One of Esthela’s many talents is her ability to spread enthusiasm and using that to connect with people, which was instrumental in her fundraising efforts.”

Midwest Region: Whole Foods Market Regency Store Front End Cashier Emily McKeone is selected for being the region’s top fundraising cashier and her enthusiasm about the program. Emily is moving to Africa and thereby will miss the trip so the Region has selected Whole Foods Market’s West Des Moines store top fundraiser, Myisha Mclachlan.

United Kingdom: Whole Foods Market Kensington Marketing Specialist Ginny Kopacz is selected for overall campaign performance. Ginny’s store says “Ginny fearlessly took point and responsibility for organizing, leading, and promoting the Kensington Whole Planet Foundation Party, and directed a group of 20 people to make the amazing night happen. The party raised £3,000 ($4,606) in one night! This party is what put our store over the top of donations, and directly led to the store becoming the Top Store in Whole Foods Market for Whole Planet Foundation campaign donations. Ginny contacted vendors, charities, local businesses, circus guys on stilts, dance troupes, local gyms, and everyone she could to be involved. She got the Team Members excited and involved, and was able to create a special event that brought the teams, the store and the community together in support of the Foundation.  Ginny is humble, selfless, and always of service to those around her.”

Finally, here are more photos of the amazing experience Chris built at the Paramus store.  Thank you everyone!

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