Wash Away Poverty with Nourish

Lauren EvansFoundation News, Supplier Partnerships

From August 28 through September 10, bodycare supplier partner Nourish has committed 2% of sales across their line of organic lotions and hand washes to support our poverty alleviation efforts in the 57 countries where we work. We are so thrilled to partner with Nourish for this promotion, and we are also excited to share with you that Nourish will have another program in February 2014 where a percentage of sales will be donated to Whole Planet Foundation!

This partnership has been in the works for the last several months after I had the opportunity to meet with the Nourish team in Boston earlier this year and then again in Austin soon after. I had seen their product line in stores, but I didn’t know much about it, nor had I ever tried it. I am a firm believer in only buying the purest body care products I can find, because what we put on our bodies goes in it. After discovering Nourish, I have implemented a few of their products into my daily routine, and I love them!

Besides being the world’s first USDA-certified organic skincare collection, here’s what I discovered that makes Nourish different:

  • Started as a company determined to create the very first line of chemical-free, environmentally friendly skincare products
  • The first beauty company to ever work with the USDA to create a collection of products so pure they could be certified organic under the same strict standards the government uses to certify food
  • Products are as pure and clean as the organic fruits and vegetables you find at your local supermarket

Please join us in celebrating Nourish and the tremendous impact the program will have on the lives of the women we support.