‘Tis the Season to Give Back

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A big thanks to Carly from Harmless Harvest for contributing this post.

It’s that time of year again. The trees have traded in their green summer wear for the orange hues of fall and awkward family meals are just around the corner. At Harmless Harvest, we wanted to do something special for holiday season. As we sat around in our ugly sweaters in front of the fireplace, we began to get a little thirsty. We took our favorite raw organic coconut water, added organic holiday spices, and thus our first ever seasonal offering was born:  100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with Organic Cinnamon & Clove.

This proprietary recipe combines our raw, organic, young Thai coconut water with therapeutic levels of organic Indonesian spices to add a kick in the flannel pants just in time for the holidays. The organic cinnamon and clove bring warmth to our famously refreshing coconut water to create the perfect wintertime thirst quencher. And in the spirit of the season, we will make a donation to the Whole Planet Foundation for every bottle sold.

At Harmless Harvest we constantly ask ourselves how we can harness the power of business to create positive impact in every community we come into contact with, from the source to the end consumer. Of course we aren’t perfect, but we continually try to improve on every level to work towards this vision. We start by creating the best tasting, most nutritious, and innovative products we can think of. We only use USDA certified organic products, and are partnering with Fair For Life to ensure good working conditions for the hundreds of workers throughout our global supply chain.

Ultimately, we realize that investing in the long term success of our business means investing in the employees, communities, customers, and natural resources that we depend on to create value in our business. This is why we are proud to support the work of Whole Planet Foundation, whose mission is to alleviate poverty through microloans to women in communities that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products.

Mook uses microloans to grow her silkworm business.

For every bottle of our 100% Raw and Organic Coconut Water with Cinnamon & Clove sold, we will donate $.10 to Whole Planet Foundation. Thanks to Whole Foods Market covering the operating expenses of the foundation, 100% of the funds raised go directly to microlending programs around the world. Beneficiaries include women in Thailand and Indonesia, the very countries where we source the coconuts and spices used in this seasonal offering. While cinnamon and clove warms us from the inside, knowing that the sales of our product will help fund women like Mook in Thailand and Kasmawati in Indonesia is what the holiday season is all about.

Kasmawati uses microloans to purchase materials for sewing and embroidering.

We are thrilled to partner with Whole Planet Foundation this holiday season. Our 100% Raw and Organic Coconut Water with Cinnamon & Clove is available exclusively at Whole Foods Market nationwide, and for a limited time only. Look for the bottle with the red coconut starting November 15th, and grab some before it’s gone to help make a difference around the globe!