The Whole Foods Market Passage to India


A big thank you to Sara from The Miracle Foundation for contributing this blog post.

The Miracle Foundation, a partner with the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program, is proud to announce two upcoming trips to India. In August, and again in September, thirteen team members will join Austin’s Miracle Foundation to visit Anbarasi, an orphanage in southeastern India.

Each time the groups go to India, they visit the source of a food or product sold in Whole Foods Market stores. This time the teams will travel to Lucknow, the heart of Hindu spiritualism on the Ganges, to visit Organic India, a favorite tea producer. They will also travel to Varanasi to meet several micro-credit members of CASHPOR.

Our favorite part of the trip is when the volunteers spend a week with the children at Anbarasi.  The last time a Whole Foods Market team visited Anbarasi, the volunteers built a playground, improved the washing area, and painted the walls in bright colors. This trip the team will be building a kitchen and new dining hall for the orphans.

The Miracle Foundation is so grateful to partner with the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteers Program for the third year running.  The Whole Foods Market team members quickly develop strong ties to the children: playing with them, working alongside them, and supporting them.  Their good will, enthusiasm, and energy mix with these same qualities in the children to build close, emotional bonds and memories.  We look forward to posting photos from the two upcoming trips.

Want to get involved? Here are some ways to help in India and Peru.