Team Members Volunteer with The Miracle Foundation in Austin

Katey GorskiTeam Member Volunteers

Team Members had fun cleaning out the shed at Miracle Foundation

Victory over the obstinate safe that almost refused to be moved out of the shed!

On January 15, more than 50 Whole Foods Market Team Members from Global Data and Financial Planning Teams had a big impact on our friends at The Miracle Foundation, which helps struggling orphanages around the world.

Team Members gave two hours of their time to help out at the nonprofit’s local campus.  “The volunteers did an amazing job on various projects – cleaning up our database, creating sponsor packets, taking down our holiday decorations, fixing potholes in our driveway, and cleaning our MONSTER of a shed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you volunteers – you truly made a huge impact in just a few short hours,” says Caroline Bourdeaux, founder of The Miracle Foundation.

The Miracle Foundation partners with the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program to host Team Member Volunteers in India. Helping The Miracle Foundation was a perfect opportunity for Team Members from the Global Office to have an experience with one of our international hosts right here in Austin. And their efforts were truly appreciated–the work they did gave the staff at The Miracle Foundation more time to devote to their mission, and turned what could have felt like arduous tasks into a fun morning of volunteerism and skill-sharing.

“Improving the world is all about collaboration and partnerships,” says Caroline. “We at The Miracle Foundation feel blessed to have help at home and to have Team Members visit the orphanages we support to see our work first-hand.”

 Learn more about The Miracle Foundation on their website and Facebook pages.