Prosperity Campaign: Spotlight on Louisa Gomes

Whole Planet FoundationProsperity Campaign, Whole Foods Market Stores

Note: The 2020 Prosperity Campaign has been postponed. We will update this post with the new campaign dates as soon as we have more information.

Fundraising for our annual Prosperity Campaign is fast approaching in Whole Foods Market stores. To help inspire you, we’re highlighting the top three cashiers from last year’s campaign this month. Since 2005, Whole Foods Market customers have donated over $46 million to our mission to alleviate global poverty through microcredit. Learn how you can join this year’s annual Prosperity Campaign, and hear from top cashier Louisa in this post.

Louisa from Fresh Pond

$9,170 raised in our 2019 Prosperity Campaign, Member of Hall of Fame
Fresh Pond Store – Cambridge, MA

What motivates you to raise funds for Whole Planet Foundation?
“I use my experience from my country, Bangladesh, where I saw groups of women, who couldn’t have a voice in the family, greatly impacted when Muhammad Yunus started the Grameen program. It gave women a voice in the family, as they gained economic value. Before they worked from dawn to dusk but weren’t considered part of the decision-making process in the family. When they took a loan, they got a stake in the family because they had income generated from their small businesses. I remember so many of these women! I draw inspiration from them.”

What are some tips that help you raise money at the register?
“When Whole Planet Foundation started [the Prosperity Campaign] in 2006, I used my inspiration to ask every single customer, telling them that the money goes to social and societal empowerment and helping poor people all around the world, especially women. I say, ‘Your small contribution can change people’s life in the world.’ I explain how many countries are impacted, what the repayment rate is, what programs are running and now people know me! I use my Whole Planet Foundation Hall of Fame plaque during the passive period and people ask me questions about it when I cannot ask directly for donations. I have so many customer fans who are looking to contribute and they come to donate to my register.”

Join this year’s Prosperity Campaign

Donate at the cash register at Whole Foods Market stores March 11-24, donate online, or join local community events. Whole Foods Market Team Members, visit Innerview for more.