Poverty Alleviation Requires Attention in All Facets


Thanks to  Julian Omidi – Co-Founder of No More Poverty for contributing this blog post.

Billions are suffering around the planet as a result of poverty, but many do not realize how deeply poverty can affect the lives of those who live with it.

When people think of poverty they immediately conjure images of the homeless and the hungry and these are immediate issues that afflict those in poverty. These issues, however, do not represent the whole picture.

Around the world those in poverty may experience a litany of issues that impede their ability to thrive. In developing countries like the Philippines and even in the United States those living in poverty may be subjected to child prostitution. Some of those in poverty suffer from mental health or substance abuse conditions that have resulted in or contributed to their homelessness and impoverishment. Many in poverty lack financial literacy and access to capital that would allow them to transcend their current station. Healthcare, security, education, creative pursuits, clean water, sanitation, and much more are pieces in the puzzle of poverty.

With the billions of individuals living in poverty it only makes sense that those suffering from it fit no specific criteria: The impoverished reside in the United States, in developed countries, in developing countries; consist of the educated and uneducated, veterans, children; transcend age, race, creed, religion, and sex.

No More Poverty recognizes that poverty affects individuals and families in a multitude of ways and so they have set out to address all facets of poverty by providing direct support and increased awareness to charities that work in all areas.

No More Poverty provides charitable support to Children of the Night, which assists rescuing children in the United States from the ravages of prostitution; CES7, which provides medical missions to treat those in desperate need of healthcare in the Philippines; Create Now, which provides creative arts programs to needy children in Southern California; Drop in the Bucket, which works to assist in providing clean water and sanitation in East Africa.

One of the most effective ways to assist those in poverty is through the provision of microcredit financing, an amazing method to combat poverty that is being employed by Whole Planet Foundation. Whole Planet Foundation is currently providing support to over 77 projects in 57 different countries that has helped more than 250,000 clients worldwide.

No More Poverty is proud to provide support to Whole Planet Foundation and assist them in their efforts to enact real and lasting impact in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

We provide increased awareness to charities we support and accept suggestions for further organizations that could benefit from our help through social media. Please follow and like No More Poverty on Twitter and Facebook to help spread awareness and provide us with your suggestions.

By Julian Omidi – Co-Founder of No More Poverty