Nguyen Thi Hang Honored with a Field Officer Award for Team ALL STAR

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Field Officers play a crucial role in the success of microfinance. In July 2014, we piloted a new Field Officer Appreciation Award in the Africa/MENA region. With the success of the award in Africa, we are continuing to show appreciations to Field Officers in each region where Whole Planet Foundation funds microcredit. In January, Daniel Zoltani, our Regional Director for Asia/Pacific visited Vietnam to award Nguyen Thi Hang with the Field Officer Award for Team ALL STAR.

“What a pleasure to be able to recognize and appreciate Ms. Hang as well as the other nominees as Field Officer ALL STARS,” says Daniel. “The success or failure of a pro poor microfinace model is determined by building strong and sustainable relationships and the idea of continuous ongoing improvement. All of the ALL STARs recognized exemplify to the fullest such a philosophy.  Around the world, the role of Field Officer wears many hats on the front lines of operations. These  include that of teacher, collector, friend, mediator, financial advisor, buisness advisor, sales rep, relationship officer, administrator and researcher. Their efforts are invaluable contributions to the success and impact of microfinance.”

Ms. Hang is a Field Officer for our microfinance partner TYM, and has been assigned to work in some of the most poor and challenging areas in Vietnam. Managing such areas requires not only a deep professional knowledge, but also a good social understanding, and most importantly, passion for the sake of the poor and vulnerable groups.


She organizes many social activities in the evenings for TYM’s members, contributing to a very low 3% -5% drop-out rate. She also encourages them to have their own weekly savings. Currently, the savings balance under her management reaches over VND 1.8 billion, accounting for 37% of the total savings amount of the transaction office.

Ms. Hang continues to be an example for other TYM staff to follow. Although her husband, in the military, is stationed 100km away, and she is solely responsible for taking care of their elderly parents and children, she continues to go above and beyond her assigned tasks. She shares with us “my personal circumstance is not hard. I am luckily having a steady and useful works for society where I can find joy and happiness.”

Congratulations to all of our partners’ hard-working Field Officers! Your dedication to alleviating poverty makes it possible to deliver microloans to marginalized communities.

Nguyen Thi Hang with Daniel Zoltani

Nguyen Thi Hang with Daniel Zoltani