Moments in Madagascar

Olivia HaydenTeam Member Volunteers

Alessandro, a Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer to Madagascar shared this beautiful story and video from his 2015 trip to Madagascar – it will make you feel like you were there!

In my short video, you will find included some of the best moments that I had the opportunity to experience during my trip to Madagascar. I shared this unique experience with ten more people, ten amazing people from different backgrounds, different cultures and traditions, but with a common important goal of being there to serve a community. During our stay in Madagascar, we were involved in different community projects which helped to improve the lives of children and adults.

We spent the most of our time in Ambanja, where we refurbished a very old school and three wells water. Drawing and painting rainbows, cacao trees and lemurs, we managed to give colors to the walls of that old school, and desks were shiny and clean. We also visited microcredit clients of Whole Planet Foundation’s partner in Madagascar to understand more about their businesses and the positive impact that Whole Planet Foundation has on the local community through providing microloans. We learnt about the production of cacao, vanilla and chili peppers, ingredients used by Madécasse for the production of their tasty chocolates sold in Whole Foods Market stores. We learnt about the local rituals and traditions and a few words in malagasy language. I could keep writing, talking about this trip, all the things we learnt and experienced but there are things that cannot be explained by using words. It’s a unique experience that everyone should live at least once in their lives.

The Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program is an opportunity for Whole Foods Market employees. 

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