I Love Whole Foods Market!

Olivia HaydenUncategorized

I would never have begun to imagine when I scored a job with Whole Foods Market as a grocery sacker/cashier in 2002 that I would end up getting to help people help other people all around the world, but nonetheless, here I am! So far with Whole Planet Foundation I have had the great good fortune to meet microcredit clients (primarily women) in Costa Rica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Peru, Guatemala (and soon India) to hear from them what the impact is of microcredit in their lives. Here’s a recent video of a WFM Team Member trip to Guatemala that Lauren Evans and I hosted:

My specific job with Whole Planet Foundation is called “Internal Programs Ambassador” (that’s right, I said ambassador) which means that I spend my time connecting Whole Foods Market Team Members to the mission of Whole Planet Foundation so that they can share it with Whole Foods Market customers. I cannot imagine a more perfect job for me as I love people (especially WFM people), I love to talk, I love helping people, I love helping people to help people, and I love what we get to do as part of a Whole Foods Market non-profit that funds microlending programs as a way to alleviate poverty in countries around the world where WFM sources products. Wow, that was a mouthful and I mean every word.

Thank you for supporting Whole Planet Foundation and for understanding and sharing that a very small amout of money can go a very long way to help people change their own lives when we all work together to make it happen.