Entrepreneurs Empowering Entrepreneurs: Rick’s Picks

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Rick’s Picks is an award-winning collection of the most exciting pickles around that started with Whole Foods Market in 2005 and became a national brand in 2009. From now through July 16, Rick’s Picks will donate five cents to Whole Planet Foundation for each jar of The People’s Pickle, Hotties Pickle Chips and Classic Sours sold in Whole Foods Market stores companywide.

Here’s the story behind how Rick’s Picks founder and entrepreneur Rick Field got his brand off the ground.

  • In the mid-90’s successful television producer Rick visited his family in Vermont and rekindled a love for summertime pickling. He transplanted the pickle passion to his home kitchen in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Rick started making these family recipes in his apartment kitchen, focusing on fresh local produce from his neighborhood farmers market. He began to experiment with the time-honored family recipes, resulting in more innovative and creative recipes.
  • In a period of a few months, Rick turned 40, lost his job, broke up with his girlfriend…and won best in show at the Rosedale, NY International Pickle Festival.
  • Rick’s Picks launched as a company in 2004 featuring handcrafted pickles made for people who cherish the traditions of home canning and embrace the innovative spirit of today’s food world.

Today, popular varieties include Phat Beets and Smokra, which enjoys cult-status among fans. The pickles are made from the freshest produce and picked in-season at local Northeast farms. Rick’s Picks products are always all natural, no fat, gluten free, low carb and low sugar, and most varieties are also FDA-rated low sodium. Brines are made with premium spices, which makes them great for cocktails and marinades!

Check out these recipes for ideas on how to use Rick’s Picks in creative and tasty ways

“Rick’s Picks chose to be involved with the Whole Planet Foundation because it’s an organization that’s making a tangible difference in the lives of people who really need it,” Rick said. “It’s clear this is an organization that is working effectively and bringing meaningful, life-changing results to many.”