Beehive Cheese to Fund Poverty Alleviation around the Globe

Lauren EvansFoundation News, Supplier Partnerships

Just two weeks ago and on the heels of our 2013 Prosperity Campaign, we announced our new 57th project country of Mongolia. We would not be able to continue expanding into more project endeavors and new countries without the tremendous support from Whole Foods Market and its Team Members and customers, as well as the Whole Foods Market supplier (vendor) community that has donated more than $5 million since our inception in 2005. From June through December 2013, Beehive Cheese is donating $0.25 for every pound of TeaHive sold in Whole Foods Market Utah stores to Whole Planet Foundation to support our poverty alleviation efforts around the globe!

In 2005, brothers-in-law, Tim Welsh and Pat Ford, left the fast-paced world of software and real estate seeking a more simple way of life as artisan cheese makers. They traded in their grinding traffic commute for quiet mornings sitting with 500 gallons of farm-fresh milk. They gave up briefcases and laptops for the romance of making hand-crafted cheese: hours spent mixing and warming milk, feeling it thicken and envelope the room with the sweet smell of custard. Days spent following natural rhythms: waking before dawn to welcome new milk and feeling the tired ache of sore muscles at day’s end and months waiting with an artisan’s patience for their cheeses to ripen to perfection. Instead of creating a piece of software or a well-crafted contract, Tim and Pat now turn-out delicious hand-made cheeses they can savor and share with neighbors and cheese-lovers all over. Tim and Pat wanted to bring back the local creamery, so with help from the agricultural school at Utah State University, they opened shop in 2005. Beehive Cheese is among only a few artisan cheese makers in Utah.

Released in 2011, TeaHive cheddar is a “feel good” cheese that is hand-rubbed with black tea and bergamot, the characteristic flavor in Earl Grey tea. The cheese has a bright aroma of citrus, and the flavor is sweet and balanced. Besides helping to give opportunity around the globe through the Whole Foods Market scanback program, Beehive TeaHive cheese is best in class for winning 1st place at the 2012 American Cheese Society competition! After you stop by your local store to try some of this amazing cheese for yourself, check out some great recipes for TeaHive.

This will be our second ever cheese supplier partnership program, and we are so excited to be working with this special artisan cheese company to empower women around the world to change their own lives. Please join us in thanking Beehive for their generosity, and you can keep up with all of the great Beehive happenings by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.

To try some of this amazing cheese for yourself, make sure to leave a comment on the Whole Planet Foundation Facebook page on the post about this partnership. You’ll be entered to win one of two gift packs, each containing a cut of TeaHive, their Promontory Irish-cheddar and a box of RUSK crackers.