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  1. I am so inspired by what your organization is doing. I also have a non profit organization meant to help people in my community. I do not yet have the full resources I need to spread the word, but my target is for a fighting chance to beat addiction and the stigma of being and or a criminal. Living in poverty creates a need for survival even at the cost of prostitution, committing both petty and serious crimes. Our organization highlights people who have changed their path and rebuilt a lif e from ground zero. We support stories of success and we share many resources to aid in recovery. Criminals who have pending charges, who are on SIS or SES probation, or who are released from prison, addicts, and individuals with untreated mental health issues all come from varies backgrounds. For example, I know a girl who was 9yrs old when her mother shot her up with meth so she would be alert to babysit her siblings while her mother slept with men for more drugs! 9yrs old she became a junky because her mother shot her up! She has been in and out of jail and juvenile detention her entire life and has had addictions from meth, to opiates, to heroin. There are so many stories just like hers. Children being raised by addicts caught in the crossfire and they grow up to be criminals and addicts themselves. We are trying to expose this within our community and we pray it has an effect much like yours. I love the idea of loaning people money to get started. With the right guidance and support, underprivileged people can overcome the challenges of their disabled environment. Thank you for all you do and for inspiring me to not give up on my own organization.
    Amanda Barton

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