SolCom Guatemala

SolCom (Soluciones Comunitarias) was founded in 2005 with eight local entrepreneurs that were part of the pilot started by Community Enterprise Solutions the year before to address the issue of access to energy-efficient cook stoves in rural communities of Guatemala. SolCom has since branched out into offering solar lanterns, water filters, reading glasses and eyeglasses; vital solutions designed to have a positive impact on the health, wealth and environment where they are sold. These products are marketed via a hub and spoke model whereby Community Entrepreneurs, trained by SolCom, purchase products via micro-consignment at the branch and market them to rural communities, oftentimes located in the last mile off unpaved roads and with no access to electricity or public transport. SolCom is designed to be self-sufficient whereby a percentage of the sales covers its overhead as well as the sales commissions of the Community Entrepreneurs.

Location: Guatemala
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