Fondo Esperanza

Fondo Esperanza’s mission is to support men and women entrepreneurs in the most vulnerable sectors of the population with financial services, training, and access to networks with the objective to improve the conditions of their clients, families and communities. Fondo Esperanza focuses on five pillars: social development, customer service, growth, sustainability and leadership. Fondo Esperanza was founded in 2002 as a non-profit subsidiary of Hogar de Cristo, a large charitable organization focused on health, education and socio-economic development. In its first years, Fondo Esperanza was focused on clearly defining its methodology. In 2003, they finalized their group lending methodology. By 2005, they had reached 5,000 clients. In 2007, they redefined their mission to focus on more holistic approach and defined their three principal pillars: microfinance, network access and training. In 2010, Chile was struck by a significant earthquake. Fondo Esperanza opened up two offices in the affected region so they could serve the communities of the region. By the end of the year, they were serving 41,000, of whom 90% were women, in 30 offices. In 2011, Fondo Esperanza and BBVA Microfinance Foundation entered into a partnership with the objective to create a new entity that would enable them to serve more people while expanding its geographic reach. With WPF support, Fondo Esperanza will be opening a new branch in La Calama.

Location: Chile
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