Whole Planet Foundation funds microcredit though FEDInvest in Albania. In the aftermath of the collapse of the Communist state in 1991 the economic impact was immediate as State economic structures collapsed and the population had little experience with capitalism or enterprise development. With the assistance of World Bank funding in this period, rural districts formed Savings and Credit Associations (SCAs) which would offer both a safe way to save and offer access to small enterprise loans in the absence of functioning and accessible banks. Despite the high levels of volatility in the country, these SCAs thrived and were locally led and eventually coordinated by a national Union of SCAs. In 2016 the Union decided to create a formal consolidated Cooperative structure of 70 small local SCAs which today is known as FEDInvest. FedInvest offers enterprise loans to any member (it only costs $1 to become a member) with an income-generating activity.

Location: Albania
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