Babban Gona

Babban Gona aims to be a company to inspire and enable hardworking smallholder farmers to reach their full potential. Babban Gona seeks to improve incomes and livelihoods for one million smallholder farmers in Nigeria by 2027. This will be achieved by transitioning smallholder farmers into profitable commercial farmers by providing a holistic set of tailored agricultural services normally reserved for much more up-market farmers. Babban Gona focuses on access to training in farming techniques to improve efficiency; access to higher quality agricultural inputs proven to produce a higher quality and quantity crop; access to financing enabling farmers to purchase these inputs, financing for harvest storage to enable farmers to sell their harvest at the best price during the year; and finally, access to marketing services connecting them to bulk produce buyers. Training and financing is done in groups with no collaterals or guarantees required to participate.

Location: Nigeria
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