Legacy Giving

Honor your loved one with planned giving through a will or other formal designation. Legacy gifts are typically prepared with a financial planner or personal attorney and are meant to reflect your values and desires to support a mission with a lasting impact, like global poverty alleviation. Most donors want to leave a legacy or memory of their life through their posthumous giving, but legacy giving can take a number of forms, including recurring donations that begin when the donor chooses.

Stories of Support

Planning Your Gift

Discuss your interest with a knowledgeable professional.
Speak with a financial advisor and/or estate planning specialist to assess your capacity for giving. You may also consider notifying your loved ones so they may facilitate your vision, whether that means ensuring your legacy is preserved according to your wishes or simply sharing your passion.

Decide how you would like to make your gift.
Contact Whole Planet Foundation’s Development Director Joy Stoddard at joy.stoddard@wholefoods.com to discuss your interest in Legacy Giving and learn about the types of giving that are most common. There are many ways to support Whole Planet Foundation including memorial funds, endowments, in-kind gifts, material assets, or a unique Donor Advised Fund.

Financial Donation
Your unique gift requires unique giving opportunities. Your gift may be one-time or reoccurring; released posthumous or now; allocated to your area of interest or unrestricted for use across the globe. Contact us with any questions you may have—we will help you identify the most advantageous option for your plan. A donor advised fund (“DAF”) is a charitable giving account, administered for beneficiaries such as Whole Planet Foundation. Similar to a bank account, you contribute, manage and grant your charitable dollars to the causes you care most about, with immediate tax benefits.

Asset Donation
Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. From estate property and cryptocurrency to securities and oil rights, there are many options to support Whole Planet Foundation’s mission. Below are a few of the more common opportunities, but we encourage you to contact us to explore additional methods.
• Bonds
• Business Interests
• Cryptocurrency
• Estate property and assets
• Life Insurance Policies
• Mutual Fund Shares
• Land and resource rights
• Securities (public or private)
• Retirement assets
• Tangible assets (also known as in-kind giving)
• Trusts and other holdings

Give with Confidence
Whole Foods Market covers Whole Planet Foundation's operating expenses, so that 100% of contributions benefit people working hard to escape poverty.

In addition to Whole Planet Foundation’s proven track record over 17 years, the Foundation has achieved Guidestar’s 2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency. Finally, the Foundation is the beneficiary of Trusts and Wills and would be honored to assist you with yours.

Contact Development Director: Joy Stoddard