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Location: Vietnam

Loan is transporting 5 large bags of un-milled rice (about ¼ ton) from the farm to her house. This is just part of a total 10 million VND ($435) worth of rice that she has bought from a farmer in the farmer’s field, but she will need to transport it over a couple of trips. Once she gets the rice home, she will process it in her mill and then sell the improved product. Loan borrowed 30 million VND ($1,305) for her business but she says the business could absorb 50 million VND ($2,175). (At this time 30 million VND is the largest loan size that regulation allows TYM to disburse.)  

Microfinance Partner: TYM – Vietnam Women’s Union

TYM Fund was founded in 1992 by the Vietnam Women’s Union in order to help implement the poverty alleviation program of the Vietnam Government. In July 2009 TYM submitted its Application to the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) for becoming a licensed Microfinance Institution and in August 2010 was officially granted the license to become the first registered microfinance institution in Vietnam.

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