Location: El Salvador

Liliana obtained her first loan of about $200 USD from Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partner ASEI in El Salvador in the spring of 2017. With her loan capital, she was able to buy materials such as bags for seedlings and wire for making hanging planters, to continue developing her nursery business. Some of Liliana’s more popular plants are a variety of succulents, begonias, and verbena flowers. She sells most of her plants to resellers for $0.90 apiece, and to end-users for $1.00 apiece.

Liliana’s nursery business is instrumental in supporting her family. She has two daughters, ages 6 and 13, who go to a school that is a 3 km walk away from their home and the nursery. Liliana is grateful for the opportunity provided via the microloan, and also very much likes the solidarity, friendship and community created via her borrower group.

Microfinance Partner: La Asociacion Salvadoreña de Extensionistas Empresariales del INCAE (ASEI)

ASEI is an institution providing multiple financial and non-financial products for the microenterprise sector, mostly poor and enterprising women, in order to improve their family’s living conditions, income level, and business development. ASEI is also committed to seeking the economic sustainability of ASEI and its employees.

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