• bianca chile microcredit client


Location: Chile

Bianca has been a Banigualdad client for almost five years, using her first loan to buy a display for her small stand located in the town’s bus terminal. She specializes in local products including cheese, legumes and honey which she sells to tourists passing through her village. Her stand also includes jams and wool hats she makes herself at home in the evenings. The income from her stand combined with her husband’s salary as a farm laborer allows them to provide a better life to their three children. “I’ve had this shop for eight years. I want to leave it for my children to have something of their own.”

Microfinance Partner: Banigualdad

Whole Planet Foundation funds microcredit in Chile with Banigualdad. The mission of Banigualdad is to deliver quality microfinance services in an efficient manner and to the poorest sectors of the country, promoting social and economic development over time. The lending methodology is exclusively collateral-free loans and group lending along with some training and education.

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