WPF Invests $1,000,000 in Austin

Joy Stoddard The United States, Uncategorized

When Whole Planet Foundation starting funding microcredit in our own town, everything changed for our locally based donors who got to meet the women we had been describing, women whom we met all over the globe.  Women who are smart, strong, capable, industrious, skilled, and eager to share their challenges and successes.  Women who with little opportunity could create a small business to create their own income to lift themselves and their families out of poverty with each microloan.   Women like Guadalupe, pictured in front of her taco truck, Los Arcos Taqueria.

Photo credit: WPF’s Genie Bolduc

Guadalupe and her son, who often helps her at the food truck. Photo: Genie Bolduc

WPF’s Genie Bolduc and I got to spend an afternoon with Guadalupe and her family and interview her for this video!  Watch the video to hear Guadalupe’s story in her own words. Big thanks to Angus Cann for the video production.

Best tacos ever!

Guadalupe with her husband Geronimo, aka: “Her Chef”