Thanking Whole Foods Market Team Members and Shoes for Crews

Jason MartinezFoundation News, Whole Foods Market Stores

In times of stress, our team looks for opportunities to be thankful. We at Whole Planet Foundation appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that Whole Foods Market store and facility Team Members continue to make in order to provide necessities for our customers. The safety of those Team Members who are on the front line is imperative as well. We want to thank Shoes for Crews, first for keeping our Team Members safe with non-slip shoes, and secondly for donating generously to Whole Planet Foundation in an effort to alleviate poverty locally and globally.

Shoes for Crews held a winter shoelace promotion for Team Members who ordered a pair of shoes. Five Team Members who posted a photo of the laces were chosen to have an average first microloan ($176) donated in their name by Shoes for Crews. On top of that, Shoes for Crews ran another promotion for International Women’s Day, doubling their normal $1 donation to Whole Planet Foundation per pair sold for any Team Member that bought on March 8th or 9th, raising $1278 on those two days alone! Team Members really stepped up posting photos and almost doubling normal orders for a two-day period, making both promotions a huge success.

We are grateful for Shoes for Crews, the winning five Team Members and all of the Team Members who are working to serve our communities during this difficult time.

Five team members wearing shoes for crews
5 Team Members chosen for Shoes for Crews extra donation from left to right: Ty at Cedar Park – Southwest Region, Joselin at Jericho – Northeast Region, Rudi at Montrose – Southwest Region, Arely at Newport Beach – Southern Pacific Region, and Dakota at Park City – Rocky Mountain Region

For every pair of slip resistant shoes that Whole Foods Market Team Members buy through Shoes for Crews, $1 goes towards Whole Planet Foundation. As of March, 2020, Shoes for Crews has generously donated over $200,000 to Whole Planet Foundation.