Who We Support

Feza owns a small hardware stall in the central market.
Florentina runs a business selling specialty gifts and apparel from Mexico.
Marie is a One Acre Fund farmer from Rwanda who harvests maize.

Recent Project Investments

We currently support 1,754,000 microentrepreneurs in 69 different countries around the world.


Location: Austin, TX

Guadalupe owns and operates a food trailer in Austin, Texas.


Location: Philippines

Gertrudes runs a small restaurant and catering business in Guiun, on East Samar Island in the Philippines.


Location: Paraguay

Antonia and her daughter Valeria run a small store with a loan from our partner Fundación Paraguaya.


Location: Togo

Colette, pictured here with her daughter, runs a small store in Agodeka, Togo.


Location: Laos

Amphone is a microcredit client of our partner WFDF in Laos. She weaves traditional Laotian skirts.


Location: Kalimanton

Rukmiati produces rubber with a loan from our partner KOMIDA in Indonesia.


Location: Tanzania

Yuma owns a small shop in Tanzania and borrows from our microfinance partner BRAC.


Location: West Java

Neni is a woodworker from the Wanakersa community in West Java, Indonesia.


Location: Glasgow

Selline is a qualified hairdresser and runs her business in Glasgow, Scotland.


Location: Toronto

Tony is the first recipient of Alterna Savings Income Builder Loans for individuals who are looking to bridge their income gap through full or part-time self-employment.

Microloans to over 1,754,000 women entrepreneurs in 69 countries...

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