Run Hydrated! Hydration Tips for your 10K Run

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This guest blog comes to us from Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist at Nuun Hydration. This year, Nuun joined WPF’s $10,000 Fund, pledging to fund, on average, 53 average first microloans for impoverished entrepreneurs around the globe this year.

Nuun Hydration is a proud sponsor of this year’s Virtual 10K Run, benefiting Whole Planet Foundation. Run with us from August 3-7 to win prizes from our sponsors. Register for the run here. 100% of registration fees go the cause! The first 250 runners to register and purchase an event t-shirt will receive a limited edition nuun hydration x WPF water bottle, pictured here.


Hydration Tips for Runners

Even if you’re certain to drink your 2 litres of fluids per day, downing 8 glasses doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re truly hydrated. Unless your body is getting sufficient levels of electrolytes with your fluids, drinking lots of water when combined with sweaty exercise may actually dehydrate you further.

Here are tips that runners should live by to stay hydrated during and beyond each run:

Start Hydrated

Before you lace up your runners, try to remember when you finished off your last glass of water. If you’re not sure, it’s been too long! Start your run hydrated to give your body the best chance at a strong mind and legs through your next run. Bonus: proper hydration during exercise also aids in muscle recovery.

Robby_racing[4]Sweat is More Than Water

Your body naturally loses fluid through sweat and breath, but it also loses electrolytes, which are key to hydration, sports performance, and even to general health. Aim to replace lost electrolytes after each run, and if you’re heading out for a long training session bring a bottle with you.

Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables (like watermelons, oranges, and leafy greens) are high in water content and can count toward your daily fluid intake. Take it a step further by dissolving an electrolyte replacement tablet in your morning smoothie for a healthy and hydrating breakfast.

Monitor Your Hydration Status

The easiest way to do this is urine color; aim for pale yellow. Dark yellow means you need to up your fluid intake, and clear urine means your body isn’t absorbing the fluids you’re drinking. If your urine is clear, increase your electrolyte consumption for better absorption!

Happy Running from the team at Nuun Hydration!