Marci Frumkin

MarciI have worked at Whole Foods Market in the Southern Pacific Region covering San Luis Obispo through San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Northern Arizona and Hawaii for the past 21 years (started in February 1996) and oversee marketing (social media, PR, advertising, design and customer care) for our region’s 58 stores. After being a customer for many years, I began working at Whole Foods Market as a cashier while I was was getting a Master’s Degree in Psychology, with the intention of becoming a Therapist.  I quickly became hooked on the culture and the rush of working in retail and decided to stay even after I graduated. With a background in marketing as my post-undergraduate job experience, I soon went from cashier to store Marketing Team Leader. After a year, I got promoted to a job on the Regional Marketing Team as it grew from 1 person to 2. I worked my way up and have now been an
for the past 14 years.

Career highlights are many but to name a few: accompanying John Mackey to Oprah Winfrey’s home in Santa Barbara for the interview he did for her show Super Soul Sunday on the OWN network. To see John shine as he told the Whole Foods Market story and to experience Oprah’s obvious respect of him, his work and his book Conscious Capitalism was hugely inspiring; traveling to Madagascar to experience Whole Planet Foundation in action on the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program and see the power of microcredit loans on the people who receive them (and the communities they work in) and winning numerous All Star awards for excellence in my tenure at Whole Foods Market. I am also a certified yoga instructor, an artist, an animal lover, a 20 year ethical vegan and I still have a fondness for old school health food stores that smell like vitamins.