Genie Bolduc

Genie BolducGenie is the Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteer Program Manager. Genie came to Whole Foods Market in Austin in 2002 and has held many positions at Whole Foods Market, from cashier to Store Trainer, to Associate Store Team Leader to Internal Programs Ambassador for Whole Planet Foundation.

In her current role she assists groups of Whole Foods Market Team Members in the wonderful opportunity that Whole Foods Market offers them to travel to places where Whole Foods Market sources products and where Whole Planet Foundation funds microlending programs.

Through the program, Whole Foods Market Team Members broaden their horizons and participate in community service projects. Whole Foods Market Team Member Volunteers have built water cisterns in Peru, helped to create income generation by building a café in Kenya and helped install water tanks and provide fresh water and the first showers ever for kids at a children’s home in India. Genie has traveled in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Sharing the mission of Whole Planet Foundation with Whole Foods Market Team Members and through them, helping to raise awareness and funds for poverty alleviation, is a dream job for her.